NQ 2: Chapter 3f - Waset Village  

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We went back to the Waset Village.

Then we found Lifira at her home and talk to her:

Lifira says: "Well, I've had a little time to rest now... and I want to thank you again, honestly, for rescuing me. I was a bit put out, being stuck in that dungeon for three days, but I've gotten over it already. I suppose you wouldn't mind knowing what this was all about?"

You say: "We certainly are a bit curious."

Lifira nods: and then makes a gesture with her hand. The sound of the perpetual sandstorm outside suddenly vanishes, as do the sounds of the village and the words of Amoti, just across the room. Amoti looks upset at being excluded from the conversation. "This is a temporary silence ward; it will keep anyone from overhearing us. Well, 'silence ward' is really just the magical, in-character term... You see, I'm not really a 'lost little girl' in some desert village. I know that you are on-board a starship, trapped in the simulation rooms; and I am a computer program, much like the Snowager sentinel program that you have already met. 'Lifira' isn't my proper name; it's LFRA, which stands for Library Fast Retrieval Archive. The 'spells' that I cast are really information transfer requests that move across the ship's computer. I believe that the 'Revenant' who kidnapped me was just a manifestation of one of the many virus programs that have taken over the computer."

You say: "What was the Revenant's purpose?"

Lifira says: "From what I could gather, its purpose was to prevent me from answering data requests from the ship's computer and operating system. Now, I'm free, but the data lines are still clogged--that's what this so-called 'sandstorm' is. It's hard for any but the most simple requests to get through the system. That's where you come in: the Medallion of Wind is a sub-program that will reset the I/O ports and clear the data lines. But they broke it into three pieces, and scattered it around the system. You've got one piece now; the next one is buried in some old files deep in a data cluster, but I can't find it myself."

You say: "So how do we find it?"

Lifira says: "Far northwest of here--in game terms--is an oasis in the desert, a pool surrounded by palm trees. There you'll find a crazy old hermit. If you tell him the proper access code, he'll tell you where to find the second part of the medallion. The code is alpha-three-seven-tango-echo-nine." She looks each of your party square in the eye, and says gravely, "Good luck. All our fates depend on you retrieving that medallion."

You say: "Our fates? What do you mean?"

Lifira sighs, and says: "Because the people who took control of this ship... after they locked you in the simulation rooms, they set the ship to fly directly into a star. I don't know how long we have left, but as you see, time is of the essence." She rises, and ends the silence ward with a sharp gesture. The roar of the sandstorm fills your ears again. "Go now. And good luck. Remember all that I have said."

The sister, Amote.
Amoti says: "Wow, you did it! Thanks! I really missed my big sister, but now she's back! Yay!" Amoti smiles sunnily at Lifira and dances around the room.

Hizaga says: "Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you for rescuing Lifira! She's safe in her room, now, and we'll make sure no more evil zombie beast... creature... things... er... ever come near her." Hizaga gives you a big, crushing hug.

Trading at a discount.

Resting is still 350gp.

After this, next destination is Oasis.

Question: Rohane taunts his enemies!

> Insult (Battle Taunt 2)

Can anyone tell me what this mean?
I didn't see anything addition happened to the enemies.

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