NQ 2: Chapter 3d - Waset Village  

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Back at the Sakhmet Palace, we spoke with:

Princess Vyssa says: "Ah, the Medallion of Wind. Or part of it, I suppose. Now that the way north, past the ruined temple, is cleared, you should be able to venture further and find the rest of the pieces."

Advisor Weehteb says: "The Medallion of Wind has been broken? This is terrible news! We had no idea this was the case. Where could the other pieces be? Oh, this is dire news indeed." He sighs. "Perhaps you should speak with Phebiya, the scholar. He may have some knowledge of this mystery."

Phebiya says: "So, the Medallion of Wind is broken. Not wholly unexpected... these things do happen over time. But what's even more remarkable is this passage I found in an ancient scroll, talking about the Medallion's construction! It says--well, loosely translated, anyway--'The device is lined in three places, allowing for disassembly. The artifact is powerful and should not be kept in its assembled form except when needed.' Apparently whoever created the Medallion had intended for this all along--or at least allowed for its possibility."

You say: "But where do we find the other pieces?"

Phebiya says: "Well, now that you've defeated that undead pharaoh, and retrieved the first piece, the cliffs surrounding the temple have themselves moved aside! For the first time in ages, we can reach the desert beyond, instead of having to laboriously climb through the mountains, which takes months at best. There is supposedly a town just north of the ruined temple; people there might have some insight into the location of the other pieces, what with being so near to where the first piece was kept. I'd suggest you go there and find out what they know."

Rested, buy more potions at the village and off to Waset Village which is near the Ruined Temple.

Mipsy has gained an ability:
Mipsy casts Rainfall!
Rainfall did 8 damage to a rattlecobrall!
Rainfall did 8 damage to a sand walker!

At Waset Village, we went to talk to Velm:

Velm looks up at you as you approach. He squints at you, as if trying to place your features. "Uh, hello there," he says. "Can I help you with something?"

You say: "Who are you?"

Velm blinks: "Ah, well... I'm a cleric. I think. And, uh, I seem to be having some... memory problems. I know my name, though--Velm! I woke up in this 'inn' yesterday morning; apparently I'd arrived late the night before. Everyone in this village seems to think that I'm an adventurer of some kind! But from what I can gather, I'm just a simple cleric trying to make my way in the world. Odd, don't you think?"

You say: "Well, they think we're adventurers too. Would you like to join our party?"

Velm says: "Ah... I don't know, really, what good I could be. I have some kind of spellbook, but I haven't been able to cast any of the spells in it. Except once." He frowns. "I was walking back from one of the other tents, and I saw some kind of strange undead creature appear almost out of nowhere. I was very scared, but I shouted something--I can't remember what, now--and the creature suddenly got a confused look in its eyes. It just stood there for a while, then wandered away without looking back. I guess it was some kind of distraction or... mesmerization spell I tried to cast, but I've been trying to duplicate my feat for hours. No luck; maybe I can only use magic when I'm scared or in danger? At any rate, adventuring... well, I guess it beats sitting around here all day long. Sure, I'll join you."

Velm has joined your party!

Skills spent on Velm:
15 Single Healing
13 Group Shielding
2 Mesmerization
3 Innate Melee Haste
3 Innate Melee Defense

Walk across the room and talk to Nufam to rest.

Nufam says: "Welcome to my inn, which isn't really much of an inn... actually, there's only one room for rent, and it's occupied. On the other hand, I might be willing to let you rent it for, say... 450 gold pieces?"

You say: "I'd like to rent a room for the night."

Nufam says: "Certainly, certainly." After paying him, he guides you to a room in the rear of the tent, blocked by heavy curtains. "Here we go," he says. "Sleep well."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

You say: "What can you tell us about this village?"

Nufam says: "Well, if you've talked to anyone else you've probably heard by now, but Lifira, who is Hizaga and Zasise's daughter, was kidnapped a few nights ago. With all the monsters roaming the desert, certainly none of us can go out there and find her."

You say: "We'll try and find her. Do you know which way they took her?"

Nufam says: "I was awoken by the commotion, and I saw them flee from the village with her, off to the west. The only thing out that way is..." He looks around, as if afraid of being overheard. "The Valley of Kings, in which lies the ancient Palace of Kings. But we all thought it had been abandoned for ages, since long before any of us in this village were ever born." He shakes his head. "I don't know why they would kidnap her, or if she's even still alive, but... if any adventurers were to go and find her, I know we'd all be eternally grateful." He raises an eyebrow at you.

Other People we talk to:

Tebalo says: "I suppose it's too much to hope for, to have a quiet, peaceful life, in a little village in the middle of the desert. Maybe we shouldn't have settled right next to ancient, haunted ruins. My wife likes it here, though--she says it's more exciting than living down near the sea. Would it kill us to have a little water now and then?"

Paide says: "Ah, Tebalo, quit your whining. You were the one who was always complaining about 'those dang kids'--our next-door neighbors, who are grown and have kids of their own. Can you believe him? Still, I love him... but if he mentions water one more time..."

Hizaga says: "Oh, our poor daughter! How can these undead fiends just come into our village and steal her like that? It's horrible! I don't know what to do--I wanted to go out and look for her, but everyone says it's too dangerous! Oh, would you adventurers go find her? Please!"

Zasise says: "You must be the adventurers! Please, you must find our little Lifira! They took her off to the west, but beyond that, I don't know... You may have to search in the Valley of Kings to find her. There's a gap in the mountains to the west of here that leads into the valley--it's easy to miss, so be watchful."

Amoti says: "Please, I hope you can find my big sister! I didn't mean it when I said I wished she'd get kidnapped by zombies! It was just a joke, but then it really happened! Oh, I feel so awful about it!" Amoti cries into her pillow.

Although some say go find Lifira and come back to buy the weapons and armors whereby you will get discount, there are also advise that by then it may be too late because you need this upgraded weapons and armour to fight the Revenant of Duens to rescue Lifira. So I decided to make the purchase since I do have lots of Gold. LOL!

This is what I bought:
steel longsword (dmg 40)
light plate mail (def 40)
strapped leather tunic (def 30)

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