NQ 2: Chapter 3b - Temple of the Sky - Silicast  

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Leaving the Hut, we traveled the north-east direction to the Temple of the Sky.

What do we do here?
1. Find and fight Siliclast. He is at the 2nd level.
2. Take the portal to go back to Sakhemt Palace for update.

Along the way to find Siliclast, we met these enemies:

Finally reached Silicast.

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Silicast has 500hp.

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Gosh!!! That's tough. I need to use a bit of healing potion. I still have no idea how to use those other potions. Sigh...

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But finally defeated him.

Take the portal back to Sakhmet City.

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Back at the Sakmet City, we spoke to:

Princess Vyssa says: "Ah, the Celestial Talisman! It's really a treasure of our civilization... I'm sorry you had to go to that infested place to retrieve it. Advisor Weehteb should be able to tell you about it. Oh, I almost forgot! We have a guest here, a travelling scholar named Phebiya, who is staying in the north wing. He may be able to tell you something, if you haven't already visited him."

Advisor Weehteb says: "Ah, you retrieved the Celestial Talisman! Remarkable. Well, let's have a look at it." Weehteb inspects the Talisman closely, reading the markings on its surface and mumbling to himself. "Hmm... interesting, interesting..." he mutters. Then he touches a spot on the Talisman. It starts to glow, and rotates on his palm to point to the north. "Ah! As I suspected. It points toward the Medallion. And unless I miss my guess, the Medallion is hidden in the ruined temple, north of the Oasis. To get there, simply follow the river to the north. At its north end is the lake that is its source, and just north of that is the temple. The Talisman should allow you to enter."

You say: "What can you tell me about the Lost Desert?"

Advisor Weehteb says: "Sakhmet City, named after an ancient king, sits at the edge of a river delta. The river flows from an oasis in the north. The Temple of the Sky sits to the east and a bit north of here, and there is another temple, old and ruined, north of the oasis. To the west, across the river, stands Zakharukh's Pyramid, the burial place of an ancient pharaoh. It has been sealed for centuries, though, and none know how to enter."

So we leave the Palace, went to the village and restock on potions. Then we headed northward to the Ruined Temple.

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