NQ 2: Chapter 2a-Terror Mountain-Leximp  

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After equping the armor and weapon from Ramtor for Mipsy, Mipsy looks like this now.

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Mipsy has gained a new ability:

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It will slow the enemy by 20%

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After you defeat Ramtor, you will be watching a Video. When the video is done, you will be brought to this place:

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Walking eastward, you will come to a village - Chia Oscuro.

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Entering the village, everyone seems to be talking in a language that make no sense.

Zbmzebn ytbq: "Krvsk! Hib txtc vu j vwzabzc oy gql ejnuu eqmpxu qqsk. Toec jabk cb mrzs hlwqyr; ld'hy sft jvlt pzyrjztt cvft. Ux agu relc h taay tjt f diec, A'n cu hepm xk kyr eqv qsdj tehn nat rjx tklvf."


What the above means is (after you have defeated Leximp):
Ullistl says: "Hello! You must be a visitor to our snowy little town. Feel free to look around; we're all very friendly here. If you need a meal and a rest, I'd be glad to let you stay here for the night."

You say: "May we rest here?" (It's free)

Ullistl says: "Sure, go right ahead. I can spend the night at Girjor's house; he's got an extra bed."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

So I have to go find a cave and battle Leximp. I will get a Word Stone from him.

Along the way, you get to fight with:

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Finally found the Damp Smelly Cave:

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Going down, you will soon find Leximp.

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Fight him is not tough at all.

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Then go back to Chia Oscuro and I will be able to understand what they are talking about.

Ynhar says:
"Hello! You seem friendly. Maybe you can find out why the Snowager's disappeared? Nobody here knows, and we're all much too scared to climb up the mountain and find out!"

Aunoll says:
"Hello! I have nothing useful to say, because I'm frightened out of my wits!"

Stolfr says:
"Hello! The Snowager protects us and keeps the mountain passes clear, but it hasn't been seen in a long time. We're all scared, and don't know what to do! Normally the Snowager wakes up every morning and roars, letting us know that it's still here to protect us... but a few weeks ago, it stopped."

Girjor says:
"Hello! Well, I don't think I've ever seen people like you before. You must be from distant lands. Hopefully you can do something about the Snowager. It's been missing for weeks now! We're all very frightened. I wish I knew what was happening!"

Lveydi says:
"Hello! I certainly hope you can get our wordstone back. Without it, no one can understand what we say!" She pauses for a moment. "Oh... I see you already did get it back. Well, thanks!" She smiles.

Sthora says:
"Hello! I am Sthora, the chief elder of the town of Chia Oscuro. Thank you so much for finding our wordstone! That horrible Leximp who stole it has been a problem for years, but he was never really more than a nuisance until he stole the wordstone from us."

You say: "What's going on around here?"

Sthora says: "Well, as long as anyone can remember, Terror Mountain has been protected by the Snowager, a great ice worm. The Snowager clears the passes, eats wandering monsters, and keeps us all safe. Every morning when it wakes, it lets out a loud roar, which lets us know that it still guards us. Then it patrols the mountain, clearing roads and passes that have become blocked by ice or rocks (there's a lot of avalanches on Terror Mountain), and eating any dangerous monsters that are around."

You say: "Sounds good. What's the problem, exactly?"

Sthora says: "The problem is, the Snowager stopped roaring a few weeks ago, and none of us have seen it since then. We used to be able to go all over the mountain, but now that the Snowager's not around, the monsters and other dangerous creatures are everywhere! Now we can't even leave the safety of our town. So we don't even know what's going on around the rest of the mountain!"

Thaddeus says:
"Ah, so you found this 'wordstone,' did you? Let me have a look at it." Thaddeus inspects the stone, muttering to himself and slowly reading over the inscriptions on its surface. Finally, he hands it back to you and rubs his eyes. "And it magically lets you understand the chias' language, just by holding it? Well, quite a remarkable thing, this wordstone is. Maybe now we can find out what they're all agitated about!"

Jarasth says
: "Welcome to Chia Oscuro! You should talk to Sthora, the village elder, if you haven't already. She really knows her stuff. If you want potions, though, I'm your chia."

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Bought 20 Frost Potions.

Time to leave Chiua Oscuro.

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