DoN: Series 2 : Mission 4 - Lady Frostbite - Part 2  

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How to get her as a Challenger?
Go to the Storytelling Competition - Story Ninety-Eight.

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This is what I use to fight her:
2 scarab ring, Obsidian dagger and the Magic Torch Ability.

To have the Magic Torch Ability, use 1 Bottled Light Faerie (about 4,100np) and bless your pet.

Round 1: 2 Scarab Rings and Magic Torch Ability

I took 35hp from her. She took 10hp from me but froze me.

Round 2: Can't do anything as I am frozen. So I have to click "GO".

Round 3: 1 Scarab Ring, 1 Obsidian Dagger and Magic Torch Ability.

I won:


How other fight her:

1. Round 1: Snowglobe Staff & Blue Scorchstone and Fierce Attack
Both frozen.

Round 2: 2 scarab rings and Burrow ability

2. Round 1: Patched Magic Hat, Snowglobe Staff and fierce attack.
Round 2: 2 Fire Muffins and fierce attack

3. Round 1: 2 fire muffins with Sink ability
Round 2: 2 fire muffins and Burrow ability

A junior player told me that he defeated Lady Frostbite with just 2 Scarab Rings and Fierce attack. He defeated her under 2 rounds. And his pet has only 35hp. So sometimes, simplicity can do the job. He not only defeated her, he used this tactics to defeat her 3 times.

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She's easy, one move and win her.
Use Scarab Ring, Scuzzys Comb and Magic Torch.

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