Shenkuu Super Morale Booster  

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Yes, I have step over the line of being totally obsessed with the Cup thing.

S for soulful
H for helpful
E for elegant
N for nice
K for kind
U for understanding and united
U for unlimited friendship

By emilyechevarria

Shenkuu Super Morale Booster

From out of the blue
A new team rises,
They are kind and true
They wear no disguises.

The fans all cheer
for team Shenkuu,
Other teams leer;
A hatred grew.

But the team Shenkuu,
They never let up;
Battled through and through.
Then they won the cup,
A team tried and true.


Source: A Shenkuu supporter who posted this on the board.

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10:11 AM

Back to you. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! hahahahaha!!!! How are you doing with your yyb? I have just completed 500 games today. That's the most I have played ever. Now migraine.

11:02 AM

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