NC Mall: Part 3  

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So will I spend my money on NC Mall?
I don't think so. Why?

Look at how my pets look like in some of the items sold. Would you really spend $$$ on it to make your pet look like this?

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The shoryu looks pretty cute. :)

10:57 AM

the shoryu is so cute ^^ i want the dress too, but no way i'm gonna spent $$$ to make them pretty lol

4:25 PM

I like some of the items, but I won't pay for them...

(sorry for my English)

2:27 AM

there is something terribly wrong with people who are willing to pay real money for dressing up a "virtual pet". i'd hope people realize how silly and money hungry this new feature is, and will donate to charities and organizations instead of flushing money down the toilet.

5:57 PM

What happens if they freeze your account? My daughter did nothing wrong and was frozen for some reason. Then what would happen to the things you bought with real money. Has Neopets lost their minds? We shouldn't have to pay to get something that could be taken away in an instant.

12:53 PM

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