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Want to get your hand on one of these item? Where can you get it? I think lots of people has heard or read about this. So what is NC Mall? This is what I found at Frequent Asked Question.

NC Mall

1: What is the NC Mall?
The NC Mall has the fanciest and coolest new styles available to those who wish to expand their customisation experience. Items at the NC Mall use Neocash which you can purchase through PayPal.

2: What is Neocash?
Neocash is the currency that the NC Mall accepts. Neopoints do not work at the NC Mall nor is there a rate of exchange of Neopoints to Neocash. You must purchase Neocash by using your PayPal account.

2-1: How can I buy Neocash?
You can currently only purchase Neocash using your PayPal account. You will see the option to purchase Neocash on the NC Mall's main page.

2-2: How much does Neocash cost?
The current exchange rate is $1 in U.S. currency for 100 NC. So $10 US would purchase 1000 NC.

2-3: What payment methods do you accept?
We currently only accept payment via PayPal, but we are looking to roll out other payment methods in the future.

2-4: What if I don’t have my own PayPal account?
As of right now, the only way to purchase Neocash is through PayPal so unfortunately if you do not have a PayPal account you cannot buy anything from the NC Mall unless you receive your parents' clear permission and assistance from your parents in using their PayPal account.

2-5: Does my Neocash expire?
Yes, your Neocash expires 1 year from your purchase date.

2-6: How do I buy more Neocash?
As long as you are within the spending limit, you may purchase more Neocash via your PayPal account.

2-7: What are spending limits? Why do you have them?
The spending limit for the NC Mall is set to a maximum of $75 in the first 30 days, $150 per month after that. This is in place primarily to reduce the impact of a fraud occurrence.

2-8: Why can’t Neocash be free?
There is no fee to play Neopets! There are certain areas of the site where, if a user chooses to, they can pay to enhance their Neopets experience but this by no means is required to play and enjoy the site! The NC Mall is one of these special features of the site that requires payment to use.

2-9: Can I return my Neocash for a refund?
No, you may not return Neocash for a refund. Once you have made the decision to complete your purchase of Neocash, you cannot trade it back, so please be sure purchasing Neocash is what you want to do. Please take advantage of the NC Mall preview feature to see the different looks you can throw together.

3: Do I need to buy Neocash to play on Neopets?
No, you do not. Neopets is free to play and will continue to be a free site. Neocash is optional to those who wish to expand their Neopets experience by purchasing Neocash to use in the NC Mall and customise their Neopets with a special line of apparel, accessories, and backgrounds.

4: How can I find out how much Neocash I’ve used or my current balance?
Your Neocash balance is displayed on the NC Mall’s main page. If you wish to check out your past item purchases, you can access your Buying and Neocash Logs by browsing under the NC Account heading on the left side menu.

5: How often is the NC Mall updated with new items?
There should be new items available every week, so please keep an eye out for the newest and hottest items available to you from the NC Mall! In particular, we highly recommend that you check out the NC Mall on the birthday of your favourite species!

6: Can I preview the items before I buy?
Yes, there is a preview area in the NC Mall where you can preview your pet with all the different items we will have to offer.

7: How do I buy Neocash items from the NC Mall?
There are several ways to add an item to your Cart when shopping at the NC Mall. From your Cart you will proceed through a couple review and confirmation pages which allow you to be sure what you are about to purchase is what you want. You will be required to enter your Password in before the purchase is finalized.

8: If I am only 12, can I buy Neocash?
You can only have a PayPal account if you are over 18 years old.

Therefore, to purchase Neocash, you must either be 18 or over or have clear consent and assistance from your parents to use their PayPal account to purchase Neocash.

9: Will the NC Mall be available worldwide?
The NC Mall will only be available to Neopets players in the United States and Canada initially. If you do not live in either the U.S or Canada, do not worry! We plan to implement access to the NC Mall across the world so keep an eye out on the news to see when it will become available to your country!

10. What is the difference between Neocash and Neopoint items?
Neocash Items are special items that are purchased from the NC Mall. These items do require Neocash, which is bought through PayPal. Neocash items are also non-refundable and non-transferable.

Neopoint items include the same type of items, whether it would be clothes, accessories, backgrounds for your pet, that are obtained through playing the site, most of which can be bought and traded for with Neopoints and other items on the site.

Neocash items will always be outlined in green in your inventory; Neopoint items are outlined in orange.

11: Do the Neocash items I buy last forever?
Unfortunately, they do not. The term of an item will be displayed in the item detail when you click on it.

12: Can I trade Neocash items with other members?
No, Neocash items are non-transferable, so they will be restricted from being used on the trading post.

13: Can I give Neocash items as gifts?
No, Neocash items are non-transferable, so you cannot give them as gifts.

14: Can I wear Neopoint items and Neocash items at the same time?
Of course! We want you to able to find the best looking combination of apparel, items, and background for your Neopet, so if you have a selection of both Neocash and Neopoint items available in your closet, then you can use the Pet Customisation Application to give your Neopet a cool, unique look.

15: Will Neocash items give my pets an advantage?
Definitely not. Neocash items are for those who wish to add a little something to their Neopets experience. Neocash items are used to affect how your Neopets appear on the website. They do not in any way effect the game play on the site.

16: My account was frozen. Can I get a refund?
If your account was frozen for breaking the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when creating the account, it will not be unfrozen, nor will you receive a refund.

17: Can I transfer my Neocash to a different account that I own?
No, Neocash is non-transferable, so please be sure you are on the correct account when purchasing it.

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