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Geos is a fairly simple game. Once you know the rules it's largely a matter of luck whether you win or not, but there's still some skill involved.

How to Play:

For whatever reason it is, TNT doesn't give the instruction for the Multi-players games. I have to figure this out through the hard ways.

They did give this brief instructions:
1. You have to build four separate shapes, one at a time, before your opponent does to win. And thus, this is purely luck. Whoever gets to start first wins. Unless you went into the opponent zone. See point #8.

2. Your opponents pieces are hidden until the end of the game!

3. When it says, "Your Move." Click on an empty space.

4. Then click "I Moved".

5. Click "Waiting" to check if your opponent has moved or wait for the auto refresh. This doesn't seems to work right now. So you have to hit the refresh or F5.

6. Once you have completed a shape, that shape will changes into a faded colour and your opponent can't bomb it. However, your opponent will be told which shape you've completed.

7. If you put a piece on one of your opponent's finished shapes, you will be told you can't do that and lose a turn.

8. If you put a piece on one of your opponent's pieces that isn't part of a finished shape, you can 'bomb' that piece which your opponent is trying to build. Your opponent's piece will disappears, and you get another go. Bare in mind, what you do to your opponent, you opponent can do to you too. See the world is round. What goes around comes around. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

9. When you get to completes all four different shapes first, you win!

Some tips:

Scenerio: If you happened to build a shape and bomb your opponent:

1. If you have just started, I would try to build the shape somewhere else.

2. If you are nearly finished with the shape, you'll should try to finish it. Go to another spot to build another pieces first. Then come back and try the square again. However, your opponent may try the same thing, or may even try to bomb your shape.

3. You can guess where your opponent is building, try to destroy it.

Scenerio: You are a shape behind your opponent.
1. The best thing to do now is to try to bomb your opponent's shape. There is nothing to lose at this point for you. If you don't, you will lose.

2. Try to figure it out where your opponent may be building, and place shapes all over the board.

3. If you bomb one piece, then try to destroy your opponent's whole shape.

4. They might hit one of your pieces but at this point, it doesn't really matter.

Scenario: Which shape to build first?
1. Start with a rectangle, as it's the biggest shape with 10 pieces. The rest have 8 pieces. Then the triangle, cirlce and leave the square for last.

2. I think lots of ppl like to start in the corners. So starting from the middle might be a good place to start.

Here's an example of one of my game. See how my opponent puts his shapes. My opponent is on the right. I was only 1 piece short. He finished 1 step before me and won.

A little gossip: I have played against this opponent 2 times before. This month, I get to play against him again. Soon we can be friends. Hahahaha!!! I never chat with my opponent, but he will neomail me to play at a certain time so that we can finish the game once and for all. We don't need to wait for each other to move.

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