Game: Shenkuu River Rush  

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As you all know, I can't play this game because I am on the VISTA system. So Rihards aka pormadori is very kind to do the following guide for me. Thanks Rihards. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Shenkuu River Rush

While Mystery Island would seem like the obvious choice for surfing in Neopia, surfers in the know will tell you that waves don't get much bigger than those at the waterfalls of Shenkuu! It's time for Shenkuu's surfing crowd to show their wave-riding skills to the rest of Neopia, and there's no better way for them to do it than to take on the terrifying ramps and rapids of their land's highest waterfalls.

Play as either Cassile or Bowe and ride the roaring rapids of Shenkuu on your riverboard. Don't forget to wow the crowd (and earn points!) by doing some amazing tricks. Just make sure your feet are back on your board before you hit the water... otherwise, you'll be sunk! Keep an eye out for powerups that can help you really show off. Carefully dodge the obstacles that lie in your path, or else you'll lose a life!



Click "Main Menu" on the left of the main menu and click "Start Game" when you are ready to play. Chose which player you would like to be.

You can select player by moving the arrow keys (left, right). After choosing press "Enter" to start the game.

There is some tricks which you can make while playing the game to get more points.

Oh, playing the game I found a secret place. Check it out!

How to get there? Collect high jump in 3 level and while jumping turn left and try to get in the place what you see in image. There you can collect more points etc.

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how do u get to da shop

8:59 AM

I can't finger out how to do the tricks. Could you please explane

2:01 PM

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