How to Score 5000 for The Great Desert Race Game?  

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Tips on getting high score for this game:

These are the tips I got from the board:
Note: I am not putting their names here because I am not sure if they would like it.

If you score beyond 5000, your score will be reviewed.

You can make as many points as you have the patience to play for. I keep one character on the second-last space, and give that one all the dice rolls 3 or greater, and keep the other character at the sand dunes, taking all the 1's and 2's.

The score is based on your rolls, not who finishes first. You want to use the dunes and quicksand to your advantage. It's more a matter of patience. It's takes around 2 1/2 hours to get 5000.

Alright #visitor you have come to check out this guide to The Great Dessert Race right well get ready to slap yourselves heres the secret. Use the last quicksand and anything you roll thats 3 or higher on the first character you get stuck there (get them stuck by counting how many it will take them to get there and rolling that number or less for them) anything 3 and higher use on that character, any 2 or 1 use on your other character.. Keep this one between the theif and sanddunes its easier if you take the twister back to the tug of war place you lose almost half of your neopoints. Now dont you wish you slapped yourself.. it is easy to see what is going on lol.

heres another hint to get 5000 pts. move one guy to the next to last spot and keep using her/him until you get a one when you get a one move your other guy thats easier

That's all for now. Will update when I find more tips or if anyone care to contribute. All are welcome. Thanks.

Update #1:

Ok... I think this is how it goes.

I have my bruce at the quicksand. I let him get stuck there. So anything that's 3 and above, I will indicate let my bruce move. But because he's stuck, he can't move. So it will be awarded 3 points. Why 3 and above, because if it's 2, he will reach the city and that's game over for him. 1 he will be out of the quicksand. I just like it that he's in the quicksand. LOL.

Anything that's 2 and below, I will give it to my princess. She is stuck at the dune. Yes, her points will be deducted for going backwards, but my bruce is collecting the points.

And you go back and forth, back and forth like that until you reach 5000points. Yap... it's a boring game and but if you want the trophy, you gotta to do the work. Some say they got a bronze for spending 2 1/2 hours on this game. Is it worth it? It's up to you.

I didn't get a trophy yesterday because I went out of the country to shop and came back late. So I may try for this. I don't know. Let's see.

The challenge begins:
Game Started: 1pm SGT

At 1:28pm = I have 416pts for the bruce.

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Mission failed. Why? I wasn't concentrating and gave the 2 moves to the Bruce and that's it. Start all over again. 816pts. sigh...

So lesson learnt - CONCENTRATE.

Back to play the game all over again.

I am going to play this game later when there is no phone calls, no distraction. But luckly I make a mistake. If this happened when I get to 5000pts I would be screaming my head off.

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This Dosen't work any more, Neopets have fix that problem, so all your left with is going back to the tug of war and hope your roll 4 or above!

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