Daily Puzzle: Golden Butter Knife  

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Neopedia : Golden Butter Knife

Category : Battle
Class : Magic
Suggested Value : 6,682,500 NPs
Rarity : Artifact
Weight : 1 pound

Although the golden butter knife can be used for fine dining, spreading fresh clam jam on crackers, or cutting a delicate slice of Faerie sparklecake; its most significant purpose is as a powerful Battledome weapon. What is this alleged secret power that the knife holds and how strong is REALLY strong? The only way to know for sure is to obtain this mighty instrument and test its strength yourself.

Valued at over 6.5 million Neopoints, this gleaming utensil makes a devastating and attractive addition to your personal Battledome armoury. Equip this seemingly innocent kitchen tool and be the bringer of beauty and doom all at once. Make silver butter knife-wielders quiver in terror at your flashing blade of power. Behold! The golden butter knife.

Though its origins cannot be certain, it is believed that the golden butter knife is a relic of a lost dynasty that once ruled the northern regions of Neopia, where the knife was recovered. Local rumours claim the knife once belonged to the noble family's prize golden dinnerware set, but as no other golden cutlery has been found, such rumours remain legend.

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