Daily Puzzle: Annual Gormball Championship  

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Annual Gormball Championship

Each year, on the twenty-third day of the month of Gathering, Neopia's Gormball Championship is held. On that day, challengers come from far and wide for a chance to battle it out and determine who's the best in all the land. A survey of past championships proves that anything can (and likely will) happen once the tournament gets underway...

Year 2

Champion: Brian *Disqualified*
Runner-Up: Thyassa
Third Place: Ursula

This year's inaugral championship was a scandal-ridden affair, which concluded with Thyassa being declared the winner after Brian was disqualified for using a rigged ball. Despite his many protests to the contrary, the Scorchio's twitching eyebrows were a dead giveaway. Also of interest was a last-minute scratch by Dr. Sloth, who was sidelined by a mysterious prior commitment. Sloth's replacement, a Korbat named Kevin, was obviously outclassed, yet managed to show some promise for the future.

Year 3

Champion: Thyassa
Runner-Up: Farvin III
Third Place: Gargarox Isafuhlarg

After last year's controversial decision, Thyassa was under a great deal of pressure to prove that he was worthy of being regarded as a true champion. This year, though, all such questions were put to rest, as the sure-handed Chia put together a dominant performance and won a second straight title. A major surprise, though, was the strong showing by Farvin III, who used his ultra-powerful hearing ability to sense how close the ball was to popping. This extra-sensory advantage allowed the Alien Aisha to overcome his lack of familiarity with the game and make a strong showing, but in the end Thyassa's savvy and experience were simply too much

Year 4

Champion: Ursula
Runner-Up: Gargarox Isafuhlarg
Third Place: Ember

Given his strong showing last year, Farvin III was this year's odds-on favourite. However, many suspected foul-play, as a sudden ear infection waylaid the Alien Aisha's attempt to make a bid for the title. Luckily, those responsible for the deed were unable to capitalise on their trickery, as an Usul named Ursula rallied to pull through and get a much-deserved win. Known on the Gormball circuit as a tireless worker whose sense of fair play and dedication to the sport are unmatched, many of her fellow competitors were actually glad to see Ursula come away with the title, especially after she'd come so close two years earlier.

Year 5
Champion: Brian
Runner-Up: Farvin III
Third Place: Kevin

Ever since his disqualification at the first championship, Brian had hardly been able to make it out of the first round during subsequent tournaments -- all the attention about what sort of dirty tricks he might have up his sleeve had made him too nervous to concentrate. However, after his surprising win this year, observers of the sport fell into two camps: those who believed that he'd finally been able to play fair and win, and those who thought that he'd simply found a way to keep those twitching eyebrows of his under control.

Year 6
Champion: Thyassa
Runner-Up: Kevin
Third Place: Gargarox Isafuhlarg

Making good on the promise he began showing some years ago, Kevin has finally earned a place among the Gormball world's top players. After a surprising third-place finish last year, this Korbat Gormballer managed to come in second and prove that his success was no fluke.

The biggest story this year, though, wasn't Kevin, but rather the triumphant return of Thyassa. After winning the first two Gormball championships, this precocious Chia became increasingly frustrated with all the training that was necessary to stay on top. After taking a few years to pursue other interests, Thyassa came back this year with something to prove. Despite some signs of rust during the first few rounds, Thyassa managed a return to his winning ways, overcoming aggressive challenges from Kevin and Gargarox Isafuhlarg.

Year 7

Champion: Ember
Runner-Up: Farvin III
Third Place: Brian

In an unprecedented event, Ember blew away her competition, finally taking her place as a Gormball champion. Though Brian muttered about the possible use of faerie powers, most agreed he had no right to call anyone else a cheater and should be pleased that he placed third.

Farvin III earned Runner-Up for the third time, much to the alien Aisha's dismay. Rumour has it that, after his latest narrow loss, Farvin will be going into training for a solid year. Hopefully, this will give him the edge he needs to finally claim first place, a position that has long been just out of his reach.

Though most figured Thyassa would easily win this year, the Chia's game was a bit off due to a bad case of Sneezles. However, he promises to return next year and claim the title of champion for the fourth time.

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