Altador Cup 2007 - Shenkuu Vs DC  

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Yap. The big match between Shenkuu and DC is today, June 3. Starts at 3pm SGT. This is one of the most anticipated match. At the board, people are discussing this and the KI team are asking the DC to defeat Shenkuu so that they still have a chance to be in the final. LOL!!!

Calling all Shenkuu supporters!!! GO PLAY GAMES!!!

I will be playing MSN till my hand dropped.

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Me too! Am so excited by our progress so far. :D

11:01 AM

Yap. And they think we couldn't make it. hahahaha!!!

1:47 PM

i know shenkuu has come far really far but roo island made a greater inporvment i think roo people r gonna win!!!

2:02 AM

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