Altador Cup 2007 - Ranks  

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There are 20 levels of ranks you can achieve.

Everyone starts off with the Beginner Rank. It's on wooden background with no gem.

As you play the games, you start accumulating points and when you reached the score, you get upgraded to the next rank.

Next level of ranks, 1-4, is on wooden background with 4 gems - Emerald, Gold, Ruby and Saphhire. (I gave it this name. I don't know what TNT will call it. It's Green, Gold, Red and Blue)

Level 5 - 8, you get a stone background with the same 4 gems.

Level 9 -12, you get a bronze background.

Level 13 - 16, you get a silver background.

Level 17 -20, You get the gold background.

And who has reached level 20? There are many. Just on the Shenkuu team, there are a few who call themselves All-Stars. Meaning their rank is beyong level 20. Maybe I should ask them to send me a screen shot too. Or whoever is reading this and has a level beyond 20, can you send me a screen shot of your rank? LOL.

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