Wearable Clothing: Kreludan Grundo Slippers  

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News Release on June 1, 2007:

Kreludan Grundo Slippers are now wearable by:
Acara, Aisha, Bori, Buzz, Chia, Cybunny, Flotsam, Gnorbu, Grundo, Jetsam, JubJub, Kau, Korbat, Lenny, Lupe, Meerca, Mynci, Nimmo, Peophin, Pteri, Ruki, Usul, Uni, Xweetok, Yurble

Anyone has an image of how the pet looks like wearing one of this slippers? Can you be kind enough to send me an image? Thanks.

Courtesy of a friend, here's how your pet will look like wearing one of this slipper. Thanks G.

Isn't G lucky. Buy 1 pair and fit all 4 legs. Hahahahaa!!!

Update: June 28, 2007
Thanks to Rihards we get to see a pet wearing this slipper in 2 legs. This is a bit puzzling. Why is it that the slipper when put on a Uni appears on all 4 legs. But on a xweetok, it is only on 2 of it's hind legs? What does this mean?

Update: June 29, 2007
From the News:

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I have a good picture whit "Kreludan Grundo Slippers" but they work only on two legs NOT four! If you want that picture whit "Kreludan Grundo Slippers" send e-mail to: time7@inbox.lv


11:59 PM

You need that foto or no? :D Send me message to my e-mail! :)

5:11 PM

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