Some News for Jubjub Day  

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The Smarmy Monocle can now be worn by the Aisha, Blumaroo, Buzz, Chia, Chomby, Cybunny, Elephante, Grundo, Lutari, Mynci, Ogrin, Pteri, Scorchio, Shoyru, Techo, Tuskaninny, Xweetok, and Yurble. *whew*

It makes your pet look like this:

The Acara, Blumaroo, Bruce, Cybunny, Grundo and Shoyru can now wear Edna Costume Hat!

I reckon my Bruce would look pretty weird wearing this hat. She might as well stick with that orange wig.

Clothing that are avaialble for Jubjub on this Jubjub day:

Remember to send your Jubjub to Captain Threelegs for free training.

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