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This post is made possible due to the kind contribution from Rihards. He sent me all these informations and pictures. Thanks Rihards.

Now you may be asking why can't I get all these information myself? Well, there are certain features/games/functions in Neopet where only members of certain country are accessible to. Usually you just need to change the setting and you will be able to access it. However, this time, I can't view it nor gain access to it. So Rihards is kind to share this informations.

You can find Skittles Mystery Tent in The Neopian Bazaar.

Here, you will find the main Mystery Tent. When you enter it, you will find 4 rooms.

Room #1: Video Gallery.

Here you can view some video about Skittles recalmes.

Before get in to this gallery you need to click here

When you get into the Skittles Gallery, you can watch 4 videos.

Room #2: Feed your neopets.

You can feed them: Grawberry, Limange, or Lemonberry.

To get in to this room you need to click here:

When you are in this room, you will see this:

Room #3: Game House

Here you can play some Skittles games. To get to Skittles homepage, You need to click on this house:

When you are in the Game House, all things here is animated.

When you move your mouse on the Aisha you will see this:

When you move your mouse on the Grundo, you will see this:

Room #4: Skittles Collection Quest.

You need to click on this house to get in:

Now when you there, you can see this:

There you can see how much Skittles you have collected. Rihards have collected 6 of 8 Skittles.

Where can you get the quest stickers?
One for going to the tent.
One for clicking on the foot of the table,
One for clicking on the Aisha mirror
One for clicking on the Grundo mirror.
One for visiting the vidoes four times.
One is for feeding all your pets. (still trying to confirm this)
Rihards is still trying to find the other two. (So anyone out there who knows the solution, do leave your hints. Thanks)

All things in the Mystery Tent is animated and there is some other things where you can click and something will happen, but it's only animation.

by Rihards (pormadori)

Update #1:

Mystery solved. So why can't I see it? Because this link is only possible if you live in the USA & is between the age of 13-18. Sigh... oh well.

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Rihards, what about playing the games? Maybe playing those skittles games will help you to get more quest stickers.

10:34 AM

if u play the cart game u hav to beat all three levels but i dont know how many points u need and if u play the rescue 1 u must beat level 10

3:08 PM

Maybe, I will try..

11:36 PM

ok to get one of the last two you have to play rescue ship 3 times and you get a quest sticker

4:27 AM

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