Scuzzy's Comb  

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I finally managed to get one from the trading after so many offers.

I think it's a good bargain. So far I have seen mostly trading at 350,000np.

Is now attached to my Battle Pet.

Now I just need to level up on the strength and I will be going after this guy:

Giant Ghostkerchief

To get this Trophy:

Defender of Neopia 1: Mission 9

Note to meself:
{{Groan... training is so slow... sigh...}}

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What other weapons are u using against him?
Must remember to show us - how u fight hor.

2:07 PM

May, I need to level up on the strength first. Still training.

5:34 PM

I got a Mibblie... but when I came back, it says an angry grundo-whatever-that-just-was appeared... 0.O

7:50 AM

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