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This is an old avatar that was forgotten by me. Check the list and I realized I haven't got this avatar. This avatar was released on May 5, 2005. Gosh!!! That's 2 years ago. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

How to Get:
Play a Pinata with your pet until it breaks.
You must be playing Neopet in English to get the avatar. In any other language, it's not possible.

1. Buy a pinata.
Meuka Pinata
Cost: 62k np

Balthazar Pinata
Cost: 60k np

Vira Pinata
Cost: 65k np

Hubrid Nox Pinata
Cost: 80k np

2. Play with your pet.

3. Didn't break? Try again.

4. Finally it broke.

I played with my Bruce, my shoyru, my kiko. It won't break. Finally I played it with my Blumaroo and viola! It broke and out come this prize.

5. What do you get?

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hehe, I got this some time ago. Think the price has gone up.

9:51 PM

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