Petpet Appreciation Day  

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Yap, today is Petpet Appreciation Day. I have absolutely no idea what you do, or what will happen. Do you play with your petpet? What do you have to do to show you appreciate your petpet?

In today's News, it says:

Today's news is proudly sponsored by the Petpet Protection League, who have declared it to be Petpet Appreciation Day!

So who is the Petpet Protection League?

The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a long amount of time (and never stopping playing with them!) Each week they select a Petpet and award the owner 10 NP for every day they have been owned, and for three years that could be up to ten thousand!

The colour of the Petpet does matter. If they select Pink Kadoatie, and you have a blue one, sorry no NP. However, you can earn the bonus once per Neopet - up to four times!

Once your petpet is zapped by the lab, it is disqualified for this reward because they deem it a form of cruelty to the petpet. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They released a new petpet:

It's a yellow garfir. So cute. I really do need to get one. It's available at the Legendary Petpets.

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