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In the Neopian Times (Issue #295), someone asked this question:

Q: Is a Huggy bear a toy or a Petpet?
TNT: The Huggy Bear is a Petpet that is a Cooking Pot mixture of a Petpet and non-Petpet item.

This petpet is currently trading at 500k at trading post.

Cooking Pot Recipe:

1 Huggy

1 Cool Purple Teddy Bear

Cooking Instruction:
1. Mix the Huggy and the Cool Purple Teddy Bear in a pot that look like this:

2. No baking or roasting required. Just wait for the mixture to come out of the pot.

Q & A:
1. Where can I get these ingredients?
You can get Cool Purple Teddy Bear at the Toy Shop.

You can get Huggy from The Neopian Petpet Shop

If stalking the shop not your cup of tea, go to the Wizard or the Trading Post:
Huggy is selling at 20,000np
Cool Purple Teddy Bear is trading at 180,000np

2. Where can I find the Cooking Pot?
The Cooking Pot is a Mystery Island.

3. How do I 'cook' this 2 items?
Put the bear and the huggy in your inventory.

Select the 2 items and mix it up. And viola you will get the bear. Simple isn't it? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket LOL!!!

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hmm, I wonder should I get this? Quite a exp, but well, I'm collecting petpet...

9:52 PM

If you are collecting, then it's worth it. It's trading for 500k while it only takes like 200k to cook one up. Go ahead. Then send me the screenie. LOL

3:25 PM

let me save some money first, been running low on my nps... hehe

4:40 PM

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