Game: The Great Desert Race  

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The Great Desert Race

The Great Desert Race: The journey across the Lost Desert has often proved to be a difficult one. The harsh winds, endless dunes of sand, and relentless sun have daunted many a traveller. Four veterans of the desert, Tomos, Nabile, Brucey, and Osiri, are now determined to show they are the best at navigating across this treacherous land.

Play as one of these characters as they race against the others! Roll the die to determine how many spaces you move, pick up items to help you along the way, and beware of obstacles that block your path. See if you can win The Great Desert Race!

How to play?

1. Choose how many player - 1 or 2

2. Choose 2 other players. you have 4 choices

3. Click on the dice to roll the dice.

4. Choose a player to move.

What happened when you land at certain square?

Reddish/Pink Square:
Land on the Pink/Reddish square, a tornado like wind will bring you out of those square and land 1 square after the reddish square.

Wrong Exit:

Quick Sand:




Game Over:
Game over ONLY when all players arrived at Sakhmet City.

It's kind of like Snake and Ladder. Go have fun. This is a game you play when there is nothing for you to do. The reward is not worth the time spent playing this game. Now, they played the music from the Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers band. This music is so asian/oriental - thus, Shenkuu related. Why played it at Lost Desert? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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music isn't asian, by a long shot. It's Arabian, hence the desert theme.

11:07 AM

I agree that the whole song is not asian. But there is a section of the music which comes from a Chinese Song. An old chinese love song, very popular in my mother's generation. So part of the music is definitely asian. LOL.

11:26 AM

well the Middle East is part of Asia... But it does have some Chinese beats to it.

4:13 AM

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