Altador Cup - Upgrade to Level 1  

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Finally, I ain't beginner no more. I am now Level 1 Player. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yipee!!!! I have been upgrade to Level 1. And I believe it's because my MSN has reached the 500 games. So when will I get to the next level? I will play another 500 games today and let's see if I will be level 2 tomorrow.


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500 games?????

Oh my, how long does it takes u?

10:22 PM

3 days. I intend to play another 500 before today's update. Have played 200 games. 300 more before 3pm. LOL...

10:09 AM

I only have 37 games, still a long way to go...

1:36 PM

Just got level 3 last night with only 830 YYB Goals, 155 YYB Wins, 2 SS, and 8 MSN, so it's probably less than 1000.

7:52 PM

Yeah, I level 1 liao.
How come I can get level up by so little score?
Yooyuball - 58
SS - 77
MSN - 166

8:40 PM

If you play more YYB, it will level you up faster because the YYB will gives you more point. I had only 24 pts for YYB. I only played MSN.

10:55 PM

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