Altador Cup 2007 - Promotion  

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I'm Level 4 now. Yipee!!!

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5:12 PM

Congratulation! :) :)

5:19 PM

How much goals have you scored?

7:22 PM

2025 games for MSN is when I got when I got promoted to Level 4. Today, the score is 2404. That means I just need another 96 games to get to level 5 - I hope.

8:30 PM

I have only 54 goals scored.. :D

8:51 PM

Tat's great for you... I got no time to play since taken up a freelance job....

10:46 AM

u are so good! I'm still on level one and I have won 70 it like 100 games won per level or something?

2:05 PM

Anonymous, my level up score all came from my MSN games. For MSN, it's 1 level up for every 500 games played.

So if you are only thinking of yourself, you can send score like 1,000-2,000. This way you can play a lot of games without feeling tired. 1 hours can give you a lot of games.

If you are thinking for your team, you would want to try to score as high as possible. That way you will help your team win the other teams. (Team score depends on the points you made individually).

I usually score 5-6k on average. I still managed to get like 2 score every min. And somehow my arms doesn't hurt that much now. Guess all the plays helps.

9:51 AM

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