Youtube wannabe on Neopet?  

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Well, it's not youtube but Neovision

In today's News, it said:

Neovision Contest! - Aspiring Neopian directors will be happy to hear that Neovision has been added to our growing list of spotlights. If your video is chosen to be featured on Neovision, you'll receive a trophy, an item, and 10,000 Neopoints. Dust off that video camera (or brush up on your Flash animation skills) and show us what you've got.

So what is Neovision?
It is said that if you're an aspiring Neopian director, or you just like to make kooky videos, create a neopet them related video and send it to TNT. They will choose the best from those submitted and feature them on the site for all to see! Then you can brag to your friends and put it on your resume.

Neovision Rules
Keep in mind these simple rules when you submit your videos for streaming on this site and related sites.

1. Your video must be about Neopia. We know you have a lot of other interests, but we're trained robots. We live and breathe Neopets and we only want to watch videos about Neopets.

2. Remember the audience. All ages and types visit Neopia and so the content must be appropriate for everyone! Anything prohibited on the Neoboards is also prohibited in your videos. Giant Meepits are allowed, though.

3. No faces. Okay, so you're good looking/cute/handsome, etc. So are we - at least as far as robots go. However, this is not the place to launch your acting career.

4. No logos or trademarks of other companies. Even if your video was the best thing we've ever seen - EVER - we'd have to delete it straight away if it contained copyrighted or trademarked material we didn't own. That would make everyone sad.

5. Nothing that identifies where you live on "Earth." No school names, work names, street addresses, town names, etc. - even if you're an adult or your parents say it's okay.

6. Only your own music. If you didn't write and perform the music in your video, don't submit it. We know you're creative and musical and talented, so prove it in your video.

If you are good with all these modern vidoe making gadget, why don't you send them a video. Submit it to Neovision Submission Form.

Need some idea?
Neopets Fan Video-My hips don't lie (my bruce is featured at 1:15. hahahahaha!!!)
Neopets fan video-Hamster Dance!
Neopets- Kokoro no Chizu
The neopets life

Gosh, I didn't know there are so many neopet stuff on youtube. No wonder TNT wants to take advantages of this. I think you got an idea what this is all about.

All I see is more advertisement to see? More chance for TNT to make real $$$? hahahaha!!! Oh well, I am not complaining. I will just put this into my "NEVER WILL GET TROPHY/PRICE FILE!!!"

Maybe it's time for me to 'upgrade' myself with some computer software skill. hahahahaaaaa...

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