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Test Your Strength!

It cost 100np per play. You can play 6 hourly. When you are ready to pay, all you have to do is click where it says 'Click to Start!'

Aim at the red button and release the mouse button and you will see how well you did. It doesn't matter where you hit it, as it's all random. Some even said that the price is already determine once you pay to enter the game.

How far can you go?

The prizes are mostly spooky items.

Some are expensive and you can only get it from playing this game. Others are very cheap.

And then you might get lucky and get something like a Snorkle Snout (which you can feed to your pet and get the avatar), a Halloween Paint Brush (they says it appears when you get a score of around ~ 70), or Mummified Negg.

But if you are unlucky (like almost everyone), you will just get a normal Slime Sundae or some pathetic amount of neopoints which could be anthing from 1 to 300.
However, if you get the jackpot, now that's a hefty sum. But who has won that??? Do you now anyone has won the jackpot?

This is what I got:

Some prizes you may get:

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