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Some questions on Neopian Times Issue #292

Lost Isle Plot's Challengers:
Q: On May 17th, a link was placed in the news pointing to a Moach that was attacking the adventurers in the plot. My question is: if we cannot/do not defeat this challenger in the Battledome, will it become impossible for someone to continue participating in the plot? I know myself I do not train my Neopets for Battledome usage and so far I've really enjoyed the plot and want to continue participating. Thanks for your help. ~x_silence_me_x

A: No, you do not need to beat any of the challengers to proceed in the plot. We understand various players enjoy different aspects of plots. Some like puzzles, while others enjoy the Battledome or just reading the comics, so we try to add a mixture to attempt to please as many as we can. So don't fret if you can't defeat any or all of the challengers, it may affect your score (depending on how we tally the final points), but will not stop you from completing the plot.

Altador Plot Reward:
Q: Hi TNT, I just finished the Altador plot but I haven't received the sidebar or the trophy that I was supposed to get. I did, however, get the Finneus avatar... is this a glitch? If so, could you fix it? I'd absolutely love to have the shiny trophy and the cool sidebar when I'm on the site. Thanks so much, you guys are awesome and keep up the great work! ~kittencuddles359

A: We're currently looking into this issue. We think we know what happened, but fixing those people who only got partial prizes will be tricky. We'll post an update in New Features when we know more!

Evil Coconut Shy Avatar:
Q: TNT, why are you so evil to me? I play Coconut Shy every day and every day the coconut does not fall off... do I have terribly bad luck or is there some strategy? I want my avvie!!! ~kougratrainer32113

A: Sorry, it's mostly luck! And trust us, it's going to take a lot of it to get that avatar! There's a reason they're called *evil* coconuts....

What I have to say: That's cruel. I have wasted so much NP already and see no sign of that AV.

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There's a few like this - that silly lever (cost me about 80kNPs, Wheel if Mediocrity - 2 years later @ 2-3 times a day and still waiting). To name but 2. Neopet random is not random and that is the hook to keep you coming back.

7:06 AM

Yap, totally agree with you A. I have spent like 100k on that Lever. I have stopped. Only click once a day. Same with that Wheel. Another one is that Deserted Tomb? I have been visiting everyday since it has been released. Still no sign of that AV anywhere. Sigh...

8:10 AM

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