Neopet Competition - Part 2  

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Pet, Petpet, Site and Neohome Spotlight

Your pet, petpet, site and can be a star for a time and be featured on! All you have to do is submit a brief story explaining why your pet should be given the Pet/Petpet Spotlight, as well as any additional information about your pet/Petpet. You can include your own picture or link to your pets Web page.

For site and neohome spotlight, all you have to do is submit your Neopets webpage? Send your pet name, title, user name and a brief description of why your site should be the best. You can even send in a logo for your site if you wish. The only rule is that it must be a Neopets site (e.g.,

Spotlight Rules:

1. All written submissions must be 100% your own work, we do not tolerate plagiarism.

2. No topics such as religion, politics, suicide etc. are allowed to be discussed in the submissions. Please refer to the chat rules if you are not sure what topics might not be allowed.

3. Inappropriate language within the submissions will get you warned or frozen.

4. Entering the same submission multiple times will NOT increase your chances of being chosen.

5. Pretending someone else's picture is your own will get your account frozen.

6. Your picture cannot have any copyright or trademark symbols. It is fine to include your username, but do not include any trademark or copyright symbols. Also, when you send us your spotlight, it is subject to our submission policy.

7. The picture must include Neopets, or a character from the Neopets site.

8. If you are uploading your image it needs to be a gif or jpg, and it can't be larger than 50K.

9. If you are submitting for the site spotlight or are including a link to your pet site please keep in mind that your site must be a site (e.g.,

10. Your site should only include images that you personally created or that you have permission to use on your site such as images created by NeoPets, Inc. Your site should not include other people's drawings or images unless you have their permission.

How do they judge?
They choose the best entries based on creativity, appearance, legibility, and originality.

Try to avoid doing tiny little pictures as often they don't reflect the time and effort you have put into them.

What size should images be?
The image file size must be no more than 50K.
The ideal size is somewhere between 300 and 300 pixels (4 and 4 inches) in height and width. It doesn't have to be square.

How many words should the text be?
Pet Spotlight - 500 words minimum - 2500 words maximum
Petpet Spotlight - 500 words minimum - 2500 words maximum
Site Spotlight - 1000 words maximum
Neohome Spotlight - 1000 words maximum

Where do I submit my application?
Pet Spotlight Submission Form.
Petpet Spotlight Submission Form.
Site Spotlight
Neohome Spotlight Submission Form.

Some example:
Pet Spotlight:


Petpet Spotlight:


Site Spotlight:
Flowal 2000

Neohome Spotlight:

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