Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 1 - Steps  

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Steps for Chapter 1:

Clean the Deck!
Because of their quick departure, Captain Rourke hasn't had time to tidy up around the SS Primella yet. Various pieces of equipment are strewn about the deck haphazardly, making it rather difficult to walk around. Scrap, to repay the captain back for stealing onto the ship, must now work off his debt by helping around the Primella. Help the stowaway arrange all the pieces on the deck into a neat square, before the captain decides to throw him overboard!

1. Read Professor Hugo Fairweather's Journal.

2. Read the Comic.

3. Solve the Puzzle.

4. Go Back to the Journal.

The Puzzle:
There seems to be a confusion whether there is 3 or 4 puzzles. I have only 3 puzzles and when I completed my 3rd puzzle, I have the Captian telling Scrap to clean the deck.

You start off with this and your job is to try to fit everything into the square.

Everyone's puzzle is different. But if you happen to get the same one as mine, here's my solution:

Puzzle #1:

Puzzle #2:

Puzzle #3:

When you submit the 3rd puzzle answer, you will bring to a page where the Captain will tell Scrap to Clean the Deck:

Remember to hit "SUBMIT" after you have place everything into the square.

Go back to the journal and you will see this:

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