Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 3  

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May 8 (S'pore Time), Chapter 3 comic is released. Ravenous Monster has been removed from the Battledome and so if you haven't find him, it's too late.

The Journal, Page 14

I am alone no longer, but oh, how I wish I were! Even now as I write, my hand shakes so fiercely that I can scarcely scratch out these words. Yet I will attempt to record the day's events to the best of my ability. This morning, since my provisions were running low, I ventured further into the island until I tread* upon territory I had not previously explored. As I was gathering fruit for my breakfast, I heard a loud rustling in the trees overhead.

Quickly, I hid myself in the underbrush, my heart beating frantically with a mixture of hope and fear. Was it a potential friend or hostile enemy? The ground trembled beneath as my unknown companion leapt* to a clearing beside my hiding place; the brush* around me shivered like it also felt my tremors of fear.

Gathering my courage, I crept closer to the clearing - only to be met with another pair of eyes. Eyes black and infinite as midnight, blank and unfeeling as stone. Eyes that towered over me from an unfathomable height. I did not pause to wonder any longer, but fled as fast as my feet could carry me, until I collapsed in the poor safety of my shelter. The creature did not appear to have followed me, but I am nevertheless immobilised by terror. I must get off this island!

* not my typo, error in original journal. This mad tongue doesn't know how to spell. lol.


A friendly creature:

The task:

Find the door. But so far, nobody knows where to find it or what to do next.

Will update once I have something.

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