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How to Become A Godori Expert
Source: Neopet, The Official Magazine, Issue #22

As Kentari, the Weapons Master of the Cyodrake's Gaze, will tell you, strategy wins battles, not weapons. For many years, young Neopians from Shenkuu have honed their strategic skills by playing the deceptively simple game Godori. At first galnce, Godori may seem much like any other matching game, but at a second glance, it is far more complex.

The object of Godori is to earn more points than your opponent by capturing as many cards as possible. That sounds easy, doesn't it? the twist, however, comes in the game's scoring system.

For starters, the player with the most cards doesn't always win the match. The reason for this is that the cards are separated into different categories, and collecting each category has different rewards. Keep in mind, though, that just because 2 cards belong to the same category doesn't mean that they'll match up during game play. Confused? hoepfully, this guide will explain how to play (and win!) Godori, so you and your Neopet (who is your opponent in the game) can have hours of fun playing together.

The Deck:

It consists of 48 cards and can be further broken down into 12 suits, each of which represents a Neopian Land. There are 4 cards to a suit. These cards are divided into 4 categories (which are important in the scoring part of the game):

Not every suit has each kind of card. For example, the Lost Desert suit has one Neopets card and three Neopian World Cards, but no petpet or Altador Cup cards.

Here is a list showing all the cards in the Godori deck and the categories to which they belong:

Suit: Faerieland
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Carmariller (flying petpet)
Altador Cards: Hanging Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both with swirly pink and lavender clouds

Suit: Space Station
Neopets Card: View of Neopia from Space Station
Petpet Cards: Avabot (flying petpet)
Altador Cards: N/A
Neopian World card: Two, both views of the Space Station. One has a shooting star

Suit: Haunted Woods
Neopets Card: Halloween Grarrl
Petpet Cards: Black Crokabek
Altador Cards: Hanging Flag
Neopian World card: View of Screaming trees and glowing green eyes.

Suit: Altador
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Vaeolus (flying petpet)
Altador Cards: Waving Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both olive branches

Suit: Shenkuu
Neopets Card: Tomamu
Petpet Cards: N/A
Altador Cards: Waving Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both of green Shenkuu hills

Suit: Tyrannia
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Blue Fangy
Altador Cards: Hanging Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both depicting the Tyrannina landscape

Suit: Krawk Island
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Krawk Petpet
Altador Cards: Ribbon Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both rocks with green moss

Suit: Terror Mountain
Neopets Card: Leaning, snow-covered tree
Petpet Cards: N/A
Altador Cards: Waving Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both snowy cliffs

Suit: Roo Island
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Picture of Merry-Go-Round
Altador Cards: Hanging Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both pictures of King Roo's Crown

Suit: Lost Desert
Neopets Card: King Coltzan's Shrine
Petpet Cards: N/A
Altador Cards: N/A
Neopian World card: Three, all views of pyramids, one with the sun

Suit: Meridell
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Zebie
Altador Cards: Ribbon Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both picture of marrows

Suit: Mystery Island
Neopets Card: N/A
Petpet Cards: Turdle (can also be counted as Neopian World Card)
Altador Cards: Ribbon Flag
Neopian World card: Two, both pictures of palm trees on a beach

How to Play:

Playing the game is really quite simple - you just match cards of the same suit (those that represent the same Neopian land) with one another.

A player can only capture cards when they are matched in groups of two or four. If there is a stack of 3 matching cards on the table, they will reamin there untilt he fourth card is matched to them. The player who lays down the 4th card in the situation captures all 4 cards.

Each participant plays 2 cards during their turn. The first card must be selected from the player's hand (the line of cards at the bottom of the game screen) to play to the table.

The second card is drawn from the top of the deck (which is on the right side of the screen) to be matched to a card on the table. If the cards played during a turn have no card to match up with on the table, they will be placed in one of the empty placeholder spots.

To play, all you have to do is click on a card in your hand and then click the matching card (If there is one) on the table. If there is no match to be made, click an empty space on the table.

After you've played the card from your hand, another card will be automatically drawn from the deck. This card will either be matched to a card on the table or put in a place holder.

If you've made any matches, you will have captured those cards, and they will be moved to your capture area (which is right above the cards in your hand).

Then it's your Neopet's turn to play!

Note: I can't play this game on Firefox. Even when I play it on IE, it's full of problem. Eg. The cards match, but it keep saying the card doesn't match. So I had to do a refresh. Then it will match the card. And it seems I have to refresh every time. Pretty frustrating.

To capture cards, you must match cards from the same Neopian world.

To score, however, you must match cards that come from the same category, but not necessarily from the same world. This matching is not done during the game, but it's something that should be kept in mind while playing. As described in the chart, the cards are divided into four different scoring categories: Neopets, Petpets, Altador Cup, and Neopian Worlds. Some of these categories have further divisions too, so let's examine each of them one at a time.

Neopets Cards:
There are 5 neoepts cards from the Lost Desert, Haunted Woods, Terror Mountain, Space Station, and Shenkuu suits. Each Neopets card is marked with the distinctive Neopets star, so you can easily spot them. This category is the most valuable inteh game, but since there are so few of them , it can be difficult to capture them all. If you are able to capture all five, you will earn 15 points which is the highest number of points awarded for any category of cards.

Set of 5 = 15 points
Set of 4 = 4 points
Set of 3, not including the Haunted Woods Neopets Card = 3 points
Set of 3, including the Haunted Woods card = 2 points

Petpet Cards:
There are 9 Petpet cards, and teh category is broken down into flying Petpets and non-flying Petpets. For capturing a set of 5 Petpet cards (of any type), you'll receive 1 point. If you are able to capture more Petpet cards in addition to the set of 5, you'll earn 1 point for every Petpet byeong the first 5.

Set of 5 = 1 point
Each additional over 5 = 1 point
Group of 3 flying Petpet cards, not including the Crokabek = 5 points

Altador Cup Cards:
The Altador Cup category is separated into sub-divisions. These sub-divisions are Waving Flags (Altador, Shenkuu, Terror Mountain), Hanging Flags (Haunted Woods, Faerieland, Tyrannia, Roo Island), and Ribbon Flags (Krawk Island, Mystery Island, MEridell).

Set of 5 = 1 point
Each additional beyond 5 = 1 point
Set of 3 waving flag cards = 3 points
Set of 3 hanging flag cards = 3 points (The Haunted Woods flag doesn't count.)
Set of 3 ribbon flag cards = 3 points

Note: If you're trying to collect a set of 3 Hanging Flags, however, remember that the Hautned WOods flag doesn't count as part of the set of 3.

Neopian World Cards:
This division is the largest and contains 24 cards in total, which accounts for half of the deck. Because of their abundance, Neopian World cards also have the lowest payout for collecting them. To earn just 1 point, you must capture a set of 10 Neopian World cards!

Set of 10 = 1 point
Each additional beyond 10 = 1 point

The game ends when one of the players has reached at least 50 points at the end of a hand. If strategy and luck are on your side, hoepfully that'll be you! You'll be awarded 200NP for winning the game, plus an additional 5NP for each point that you scored hgiher than your Neopet.

For example: if the score of a game was 60 to 28, you would earn 360NP. Should your Neopet emerge victorious, however, you would not only lose 200NP, but also an extra 5NP for each point that you were behind. If you're near the end of a match and think that you're too far behind to win, you can always click "Forfeit" to end the game. Granted, you'll lose 100NP for forfeiting, but that's better than a deduction fo more than 300NP for a major defeat.

Special Cards:
The following Neopian World cards count as two cards:

This card can be used as either a Petpet or Neopian World card for scoring:

Helpful Hints
1. It's highly recommended that you check the scoring breakdown after each round of the game. To do this, simply click on the score of you or your opponent. This breakdown should help you understand how the cards match up for scoring, which could help inthe creation of a winning strategy!

2. Speed: Fast, Medium, Slow
If you're just startign out, you might want to play at the Slow speed. That way, you can get an idea of how the game is played. Once you've got some experience under your belt, you can speed things up a bit, if you'd like.

Now go play the game and let me know because I am still having trouble playing this game. I keep getting stuck. LOL. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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