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I am looking around for a Freezing Weapon. So did a bit of search and this is what I found.

What is a Freezing Weapon?
A freezing weapon is an item that freezes an opponent. This item is an important part of every serious battledomers set. It guarantee a turn where the fighter doesn't have to worry about defending and can focus on an all out attack. 100% freezing weapons are highly prized and usually sell for millions of NP.

Why do we need a Freezing Weapon?
1. Most neopians or challengers at the battledome will have defensive and offensive weapons which are good enough to cause serious damage to you. They can also block your attacks. So you can't do a maximum attack to your opponent without doing damage to yourself and this could cause a tie or lose for yourself. However, if you can freeze your opponent, you may be able to do a full-out attack without loss to your hp, and hopefully this can win the battle for you, or do some damage to your opponent.

2. If your opponent has a freezing weapon, then your freezing weapon can counter-attack their freezing weapon. This means that neither of you will get a full attack at each other's hp. This can help in a lot and may determine who win or who lose.

Some Recommended Weapons:
After going through this list, I still haven't got a clue what I should buy. This just seems so complicated.

Calculation Device: 100% Freeze. Single use then breaks forever
Cost: 250k np

Amulet Of Chaos: May Freeze opponent or yourself or Drain 2 HP from you or your opponent. Single use then breaks forever
Cost: 220k np

Species Freezers:

Icy Chia Goggles: 100 % freeze. (once per battle)
Cost: 2.65 million np

Elephante Stunray: Att. 3 Fire, 3 Water, 2 Air 2.4% Chance of a freeze and uses up your freeze slot. Can freeze more than once but very low percentage on this as a freezer
Cost: 53k np

Gelert Blade of Frozen Wrath: Att. 3 Air, 3 Earth Low %age freeze. Semi-Fragile
Cost: 1.5 million np

Pearly Koi Bubble Net: 14-16.5 % Freeze. Can multi-freeze.

Entangling Lenny Lasso: 100% freeze, once per battle

Lenny Ray Gun Of Freezing: 100% freeze, once per battle

Lupe Wand: 100% freeze, once per battle. Can break forever
Cost: 27k np

Ancient Lupe Wand: 100% freeze, once per battle. Can break forever but break less frequently than Lupe Wand
Cost: 25k

Meerca Mesh Net: 14-16.5 % chance of Freeze. Can multi-freeze.

Golden Peophin Harp: Def. 2 Dark, 100% Freeze

Poogle Liquid Freeze Potion: Att. 2 Air, 2 Water, 14% chance of a freeze, semi-fragile

Quiggle Sword of Terror: Att. 2 Fire, 1-2 Phys, Can freeze but Fragile and may break forever
Cost: 725k np

Freezing Weapons that will vanish after 1 use or after a few usage:

Terror Stone: 100% freeze (once per battle)

Scroll Of Freezing: 100% freeze (once per battle)
Some has this vanish after 1 use. I had this vanished after about 5 battles. Ouch!!! 90k gone.

Blue Frost Cannon: Att. 2 Water, 3.2% chance of freeze
Cost: 275np

Red Frost Cannon: Att. 2 Water, 1-2 Phys, 3.25% chance of freeze
Cost: 195 np

Yellow Frost Cannon: Att. 2 Water, 1-2 Phys, 6% chance of freeze
Cost: 175np

Green Frost Cannon: Att. 3 Water, 2 Phys, 11% chance of freeze
Cost: 7500np

Rainbow Frost Cannon: Att. 4 Water, 17.4% chance of freeze
Cost: 300k np

Black Frost Cannon: Att. 3 Water, 2 Phys, 23% chance of freeze
Cost: 350k np

Exploding Acorns: Att. 2 Air, 2 Phys, 12% chance of freeze
Cost: 750k np

Snowglobe Staff: Att. 3 Water, 3 Light or Yellow Snowball or 19.2% chance of freeze or Def. Icy Snowball or Breaks for duration.
Cost: 50k np

Tangle Net Gun: Att. 3 Light, 2 Earth, 20 % chance of freeze
Cost: 800k np

100% Freezing Weapons:

H4000 Helmet: once per battle
Cost: 7 million np

Heavy Blue Tunic: Def 2 Air, 2 Fire, 2 Water, once per battle, Requires 1000 intelligence (now what does this mean?)
Cost: 13 million np

Freezing Potion: Att. 2 Water, once per battle
Cost: 7.2 million np

Sloth Approved Hair Gel: Att. 2 Dark, once per battle
Cost: 10 million np

Magical Marbles of Mystery: Att. 3 Phys, once per battle
Cost: 7.85 million np

Sleep Ray: Att. 2 Dark, 2 Air, once per battle
Cost: more than 11.5 million np

Moehog Skull: Att. 10 Air, 5 Dark, Def. 5 Earth, 5 Dark, once per battle

Multiple Freezers:

Ice Dice: 24.8% chance of freeze and can freeze more than once.

Slumberberry Potion: Att. 10 Water, 16.4% chance of freeze and freeze more than once.

Sigh.... So what do I get? Sigh... Decision!!! Decision!!! Decision!!!

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