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Dung. Once the word Dung is mentioned, you will be thinking nasty, icky, yucky, smelly ... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Did you know that in Neopia, they do have followers? Neopians spend precious NP creating Dung Gallery, furnish their neohome with dung furnitures and equip their pet with dung weapons to go into battledome? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I can't get over some of the description of these items:

Dung Bed - A bed, pillows and cover have been fashioned out of an enormous pile of dung.

Dung Carpet - Great if you want to cover the floor of your NeoHome in dung.

Dung Pizza - Eww dung pizza... you can't seriously expect someone to eat this? (even TNT can't imagine anyone eating this.) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pile of Dung - That's it. A pile of dung. And you can't even do anything with it. It just sits there.

Anyways, so why is Neopia so caught up in dung? I can't imagine it's because it smells good, tastes good, looks good, feels good, so why do they like it so much? Maybe, just maybe, some TNT member is sitting in their cubicle, thinking how to stink up Neopia?

They're probably the same people that created the Pile of Sludge... Have you seen that sludge? Gosh...

Here's a list of the type of Dung stuff you can get from Neopia:

Now how can we forget the avatar. Those people in that cubicle will definitely fight for some avatar right. LOL.

How to Get:
View your inventory while carrying 10 different items whose names contain the word "dung".
If you didn't get the Avatar, you may have to refresh a few time.
Avatar will appears at the bottom of the page.

Here's a list of Dung items you can buy - cheap!

Cooking Pot:
Beside avatar, you can also create new item by mixing items in the Cooking Pot.

Try this recipe:
Stuffed Surprise = Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) + Chewing Dung

Other Recipe:
Dung Cake = Chewing Dung + Snow Cake


Price: 30,000NP
Yap, there is a paintbrush out there. A Dung Paintbrush for your petpets? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPoor things! Will this happen to them all the time? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket And your pet will have to put up with the .....! There is something very wrong here.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dung Faerie:
A surprise I got when I was searching Dung. I found that there is a secretive and elusive faerie who is known for donating random items at the Meridell Rubbish Dump. However, there is no image of her avialable as yet.


Another luckless faerie, the Dung Faerie hides around the Meridell Rubbish Dump, conjuring up dung for lucky visitors. Is it her fault she got stuck with such a boring job? In her spare time she even goes around Pick your Own, adding dung to the game? Surely she deserves to be noticed as a REAL faerie? Yes, SHE DOES! And she is real, you non believers!

After all, how else would you get the Pick your Own avatar? She deserves her own plushie, a dung mansion, her own Quests and so much more! And if enough people asked for it, maybe she could even get a job in Tyrannia, where she would be much more suited and appreciated.

Source: Who Turned Out the Lights? by jbennett279, The Neopian Times: Issue: 156

That's all for now.

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