When is Fire Coming?  

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I adopted a Blue Blumaroo hoping that the lab will zapped him into a fire so I can get this avatar:

How to Get: View the pet lookup of your own Fire Blumaroo that has a 30+ day old petpet attached. The petpet's species name must have "Fire" in it (such as a Fire Buzzer, or a Baby Fireball).

But it has been 2 months and it has not happened yet. Instead, I have gotten a spotted, an ice, a Maraquan (so cute) and now a snow. No Fire. Will it ever happen? Instead I have increase his statistic to a pretty good level.

Age : 539 days
Level : 4

Health : 53 / 33
Mood : delighted!
Strength : titanic
Defence : below average
Move : GREAT (30)

If I throw him into the pound now, he will be snap up pretty quickly. But I want the fire. I am sure with it being fire, he will be one of the most sort after pet. LOL.

When is Fire coming?

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