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Round Table Poker

In order to get the trophy in your userlookup, you have to win Level 5. Got this last night after hours of play. LOL.

Hi-Score Trophy:
There is also a Hi-Score trophy. When you win Level 6, you will be given a score and this score will be entered for the Hi-Score.

My score is 1210. So I guess I won't be getting that trophy anytime soon.

How to Play this Game:
The Order of the Game

1. To enter a round, you must pay an ante which is 10NP. Click DEAL.

2. Betting
The first round of betting begins straight after dealing, where players are given three choices:

Check: To meet the current bet, but not exceed it.
Bet: To meet the current bet, and then raise it further.
Fold: To give up for that hand.

There are 2 other choices which will be given in replace of Check and Bet:
Raise: To raise the bet of the person before you by 10
Call: To bet the same as the person before you

3. Discarding

After everyone in the table has checked or folded, players are given the chance to discard their cards, and replace them with new ones in order to try and obtain a better hand. The maximum cards you can replace is 4 cards.

To discard a card, click on it during the discarding round. It will be marked by 'discard' in red font text. Click the discard button.

4. Second Round of Betting
After discarding, you will receive new cards, and hopefully now have a better hand!

Just like the first round of betting, you will be given choices to choose.

5. Show

The player with the best hand (that is still in the game and hasn't folded) wins the jackpot of NP (which contains everyone's antes and bets from that round).

Making NP
You need NP to make NP

Level 1: To play, you pay 150np and play 5 rounds and you can win 450np
Level 2: To play, you pay 500np and play 8 rounds and you can 1,500np
Level 3: To play, you pay 1,000np and play 10 rounds and you can 3,000np
Level 4: To play, you pay 2,500np and play 12 rounds and you can 7,500np
Level 5: To play, you pay 5,000np and play 16 rounds and you can 15,000np
Level 6: To play, you pay 10,000np and play 16 rounds and you can 30,000np

Level 1: Friar Asquith, Footpad Joe, Lady Vanella, Nigel of Meridar
Level 2 & Level 3: Will try to find out who. I forgot to record it. LOL.
Level 4: Nigel of Meridar, Chortle, Kalandra, Prudella
Level 5: Prudella, Kalandra, Chortle, Commander Lazarr
Level 6: Nigel of Meridar II, Kalandra, Chortle, Commander Lazarr

If you think this game is hard, it's not difficult. It's purely basd on Luck. LOL... Sigh... Anyway, I didn't know how to play poker. So I just waste lots of NP before I roughly know what works. Here's some information.

The Deck of Cards
A deck consists of 52 cards. These cards are divided into four suits, each of which contains 13 ranks.

The Four Suits

In poker, the ace is the highest card and the 2 (deuce) is the lowest. However, the ace can be used as a low card to form the straight 5432A.

Rank of Hands

A poker hand consists of five cards consisting of flush, straight, or two pair. The player with the highest ranking hand is the winner.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is an ace high straight flush.

Straight Flush

A straight flush is a five-card straight, all in the same suit.

Four of a Kind - Quads

Quads, or four of a kind, are four cards of equal rank.

Full House or Full Boat

A full house, or full boat, contains a set (three) of cards of one rank and a pair of another rank.


A flush is any five cards, all of the same suit.


Five cards of sequential rank. Every possible straight will contain either a 5 or a 10.

Three of a Kind or Set

Three cards of the same rank.

Two Pair

A two pair is two cards of one rank and another two cards of another rank.


One pair is two cards of the same rank.

High Card
The hand with the highest card(s) wins.

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