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This is from the News:

27th April
* SITE UPDATE! - Okay, so the Meepit from yesterday was just a diversion tactic. Truth is, as you might have already gathered by the new surroundings, Neopets has gotten a HUGE facelift and we didn't want to let the Kadoatie out of the bag too early. ;)

Here's a bit of info on the big changes... as much info as we could fit in New Features, anyway.

Site Layout
Neopets has gotten a whole new look (while keeping our famous eye-popping yellow, of course)! We've cleaned up, re-coded, and generally gotten out of the 90's. Hooray!

We've streamlined the navigation and added short cuts to some of the most visited places in each section. Don't be discouraged if you get lost while looking for your favourite pages or activities. (It took most of us a bit of time to get used to it, too.) If you're ever stuck, look for this graphic: Clicking on this will take you to our FAQ section, and that should help you find your way again!

More Info:
Homepage Changes
New Features Page Changes
Pet Central Changes
Pet Lookup Changes
User Lookup Changes
What is the Neofriend Module?
What is the Neopet Module?

Customise Your Neopets!
Ever since we started Neopets, the requests to dress and accessorise your Neopets have only increased. We've always said we'd never do it because of the work load, but we're allowed to change our minds and work ourselves to death if we want! As such, you can now dress and accessorise your Neopets with items you find around the site!

You can start by visiting Quick Ref and clicking on the "Customise" button. There are too many new features to explain here, so be sure to read the FAQs and the tutorial!

We've had to update some of the Neopets art to make them compatible with the customise system. In cases where we felt the change was very drastic, we've added the option to choose. If you and your Neopet are eligible for that option, you'll see a "Convert this Neopet!" link on Quick Ref. Click that for more information.

We would also like to mention that if you aren't happy with the change to any of your Neopets, don't go hunting for a morphing potion just yet! You may find justice early next week. ;) If in the meantime you need to get out some anger or aggression, may we suggest playing a round or two of Whack-A-Staff-Member?

More Info:
Neopets Customisation Application
I see an option to 'Convert this Neopet', what does this mean?
What will happen if I use a Paint Brush on my Neopet?

Beta Beta Beta!
To be honest, the site is HUGE and there are many, many more pages to update, so we're not nearly done. Expect more updates, and don't be surprised to see some strange occurances here and there. Please report any bugs so we can get them fixed right away!

All this will take some getting used to, we know... especially if you're a long-time user, but don't be afraid to jump in. We think these changes make Neopets even better, so we really hope you enjoy them, too!

We'll return to our regularly scheduled New Features tomorrow!

* Oh, right... we're also launching a new game today - just in case all this new stuff doesn't cure your boredom. We thought ahead.

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