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Tamagotchi: Friendly Journey

In order to unlock the doors, you'll need to collect keys from other parts of the level. Each door uses up one key. You can also collect various items to increase your score. In addition to these goodies, there are some hazards in each level. These obstacles include trapdoors and sliding blocks. Falling down a trapdoor or running out of time will cost you a life.


6 Levels:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
You can do either side first. See where the sliding block is heading. Then come back to the middle. When you are going to enter the gate in the middle, just hold spacebar and the down arrow to move down. That way you won't get caught if the floor starts to open up.

Level 4

Use the spacebar to push the bus-like-vehicle out of the way.

Level 5

Level 6

Play Normal Mode.
1000np per game and that's 3000np per day.
3 minutes to complete each level.
By the time you reach level 5, you would score 1000pts. So I don't bother playing level 6. LOL.

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