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Scorchy Slots

You know, I play this game without understanding it. I just click and click and click. If it say "collect winning", I just click it. I have absolutely no idea what this game is all about. LOL.

How do I play Scorchy Slots?
Scorchy Slots costs 5NP to play. In order to start a new game click on the Play Again button. This will automatically deduct 5NP from you.

What is the aim of the game?
You need to get three of four of the same item in a row on the win line in order to win. If you have three of the same in the win line, but there is another item between them, you have not won.

What can I win?
You can win anything from the small prize of 1NP up to the grand prize of the jackpot. You can even win all 6 faeries (one of each type). The winning scale is shown in detail here.

What are holds?
To help you get a win you may be given the chance to hold. If so you will see four check boxes under each reel. If you check a box and then spin the reels the reel you have checked will hold position and not spin.

What does the feature do?
You may notice that some of the fruits have numbers on them. If you get a fruit with a number three on it then the feature bar lights up three places and so on. Sometimes your progress up the feature bar is held until the next go and any additional numbers you get are added on. If you light up all the numbers on the feature bar you win a random prize. This could be a very good prize or a not so great thing - you may even lose NP.

How much to play?
Only five Neopoints per play!

Can someone explain to me what this footprint means? What's this 1,2,3 means?

Sometimes the volcano will erupt and this will happen:
A bag containing 50 Neopoints falls from the sky onto your foot.
The Volcano says 'Sorry, out of luck mate!'
Twenty Neopoints fly out of the volcano!!
An evil scorchio flies out of the Volcano and steals 10 Neopoints from you!!
A light faerie magically appears next to you and gives you 30 Neopoints!

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