Game: Cookie Crisp Space Flight Shooter 2  

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Cookie Crisp Space Flight Shooter 2

Chip needs to use his inventions to collect Cookie Crisp Cereal and avoid those who want to get it from him! Play as Chip in either his boat, glider or rocket, and take off. Each mode of transport has specific shooting and movement attributes. Use the 'Up', 'Down', 'Left', and 'Right' arrow keys to move Chip over the water, through the sky or through space. Use 'Spacebar' to shoot. Glider has 2 shooting styles:- 'Spacebar' for normal shooting and 'B' to shoot down. As the screen scrolls, continue to move right and shoot oncoming enemies. Collect 4 types of special items milk squirt gun, chipper, cookie tosser and shield, and boxes of Cookie Crisp Cereal to assist in your mission.



Looks familiar? I am sure this game is so played in arcade and I ain't good at it. LOL.

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