Time Glitch or April Fool's Joke?  

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At 11:00 pm NST it will be 2:00pm Singapore Time.

But Look at that screenie I took. (I have to pull the screenie together cos my screen is very wide). It's 11:00pm at Neopet while it's only 1:00pm.

Is this part of the April Fool's Joke?

Time check: 9:34pm SGT 6:34am NST
Mystery solved!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Actually, I am too embarass to say it here. I have 3 alarm clocks in this room where my computer is. But I am not facing them. My back is facing them. SO I depend on the clock on my computer to tell me what time it is.

This morning I want to synchronize my computer time with NST to the second so it's easier for me when I want to do the Job at Faerieland. Guess I accidentally click on the hour too. And so I was behind 1 hour.

Luckily I noticed the mistake or else someone will be late for the Tae Kwang Do class. LOL. ok... running to hide now.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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