Quick Neopoints  

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Quick Neopoints

In the Neopet Magazine Issue #17, there is an article that helps those who are interested to earn more Neopoints. You can do it quickly and also have fun at the same time.

1. 200M Peanut Dash

Neopoint ratio: 75 NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 2 minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 1,200- 1,500np

The Facts: Throw a peanut and help the Puppyblew jump over logs to catch the peanut. Even without practicing this game and falling over quite a few logs, you can still easily earn a nice sum in just a couple of minutes. With practice, it’s possible for a skilled player to earn 2,500+ NP on this game each day

Extra Tips:
Watch as the shadow gets bigger; this means the peanut is coming closer, so position the Puppyblew right underneath the shadow. Earn bonus points by making a special jump to catch the peanut.

My Note:
I can't play this game. LOL.

2. Defender Trainer

Neopoint ratio: 200 NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 1 ½ minutes
Average Neopoint return for 3 plays: 1,200 – 1,500NP

The Facts: Use your reflexes to match the clue with the item/Neopet/Petpet shown. Practice a few times on the easy level, then move up to the hard level as soon as you can – you’ll get more Neopoints that way. So get to know the names of the Neopets, petpets, and other items featured in this game, and you’ll be able to breeze through it like an expert in no time.

Extra Tip: It is more important to be accurate than fast when playing Defender Trainer, so take that extra second to make sure you know the answer before clicking.

My Note: With lots of practice and daily play, I can earn like 750++ Np per game. That makes it 2,100 np daily. Will do a detail description of this game later.

3. Extreme Potato Counter

Neopoint ratio: 700NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 1 minute
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 800-1,00np

The Facts: Count the potatoes as they fly across the screen.

Extra Tips: Relax.

My Note: Look in the middle of the page and count. If there is a potato that fly by, bear that in mind and add that on later. You just need to practise. I have given up on this game because I can't score enough to get the avatar.

4. Faerie Crossword

Average time per play: 3 minutes
Average Neopoint return: 600NP

The Fact: Fill in the crossword and earn Neopoints! The crossword changes every day, so you need to be familiar with many of the different things around Neopia in order to finish the puzzle quickly enough to earn lots of points.

My Note: There are several sites that give the answer. So wait for these guide site to post their answer, then copy and paste your answer and viola, I usually finish this in less than 2 minutes.

Randomly, the faerie will increase your pet's intelligence.

5. Jubble Bubble

Neopoint ratio: 100 NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 4 minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 1,200-1,500NP

The Facts: Blow bubbles to catch falling jubjubs and bring them gently to the ocean floor. Also, be sure to catch dubloons and shells for extra points.

Extra Tip: Try to stay in the middle of the screen, so you can easily move left or right as necessary. If a dubloon falls at the same times as a JubJub, save the JubJub first. After all, catching a single dubloon isn’t worth losing one of your lives.

My Note: I am getting to like this game. Doesn't score big time, but growing on me slowly. What I did was put my cursor on the JubJub and hold the mouse down letting out bubble. Once the bubble touch it, I let go and most of the time the bubble will envelope the JubJub.

6. Hasee Bounce

Neopoint ratio: 300 NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 2 minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 800 – 1,000Np

The facts: Make the Hasees bounce up and down on their seesaw to grab the Doughnutfruits as they fly through the air.

Extra Tip: Catch all of the letters in the word “Hasee” to get extra time. Woogy the Orange Hasee only picks up orange letters and Jimmi the Purple Hasee only picks up purple letters. They both love all types of Doughnutfruit though!

7. Snowball Fight

Neopoint ratio: 125NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 1 ½ minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 1,000 – 1,200NP

The facts: Hit the Neopets with snowballs and earn points ! Easy as pie, right? Just don’t hit the faeries – after all, you wouldn’t want to make them angry. This super-fast game gives you a nice return for your effort and is a great way to relieve a bit of stress. Also, who doesn’t love the opportunity to throw snowballs at Meepits?!

My Note: Easy? Which part is easy? I can't play this game. Sigh...

8. Turmac Roll

Neopoint ratio: 100NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 1 ½ minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 800 – 1,000NP

The facts: Roll, roll, roll the little Turmac and grab as many berries as possible, but make sure to avoid the tree trunks and cliffs. Lots of luck is involved in this game, since your score has a lot to do with which fruits come in to grabs while playing. That being said, Turmac Roll is a quick little number that offers an excellent chance of scoring higher than average if you can grab one of the more valuable fruits. Also, be sure to play at the hardest level, since it will get you the highest amount of Neopoints.

Extra Tip: Keep your eyes trained on the right side of the screen, so you can quickly react if you see one of those pesky tree trunks.

9. Usuki Frenzy

Neopoint ratio: 150NPper 100 points scored.
Average time per play: 2 minutes
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 550NP

The facts: Walk an Usul name d Sally around her house and pick up the items she wants to take on holiday. This is one of the easiest games you can possibly play in Neopia, but it’s included in this guide befause the effort/Neopoint return ratio is very good, and it’s the sort of game that can be played by anyone, no matter what their age or skill level.

Extra Tip: Don’t pick up any of the items that you don’t need! You’ll lose points, plus they’re not worth the trouble – avoid them by walking around them if you can.

My Note: Play this game with small screen.

10. Whack-A-Kass

Neopoint ratio: 40NP per 100 points scored
Average time per play: 30seconds
Average Neopoint return for three plays: 600-800Np

The facts: Whack the falling Kass toy and send it flying as far as you can. Get a few practice rounds in by batting the Kass toy with a breadstick, and you’ll soon be whacking him further and further with each attempt. The Neopoint ratio is very low for this game, but you can get your Neopoints so quickly that it’s really worth including in this guide.

Extra Tip: Use the wind to your advantage – the faster the wind speed (8-9 meters/second is best), the further kass should go … as long as you make solid contact, that is.

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