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Jhudora’s Cloud is a timed faerie quest that you willingly agree to do, however, you ARE allowed to use the Shop Wizard to find the item and she will only ask for one item at a time. Unfortunately, if you couldn't complete the quest, you have to restart again from Quest 1.

You can do a quest every 12 hours, so it is possible to do two quests a day. However, if you are working on Illusens Glade as well, you can only do one each. That means that if you have done Illusen now, 12 hours later, you can do Jhudoras.

The Quest - This is what she asked from me:

The cost of this Avatar:
1. Happy Birthday Card (89np)
2. Mint Flavoured Toothpaste (200np)
3. Dance Away (1000np)
4. Green Cabbage (77np)
5. Mollusc Surprise (75)
6. Faerie Toast With Butter (SDB)
7. Cup-O-Slime (1)
8. Grimilix Stamp (340np)
9. Mud n Mayo (1np)
10. Cool Shades (100np)
11. Dung Cream Sandwich (5np)
12. Grubwich (5np)
13. Chocolate Coated Fish Pop (25np)
14. Beast Burger (6000np)
15. Caramel Moehog Hoof (1900np)
16. Blue Marbleman T-shirt (190np)
17. Gooey Chocolate Grarrl (14,500np)
18. Quiggle Keyring (110np)
19. Plushie Peop Plushie (85,000np)
20. Spyder Juice Elixir (75,998np)

Total: 185,517np

The Rewards:

1: Poisonous Lollypop (1np)
3: Noxious Nectar (15np)
5: Jhudoras Brush (6np)
8: Purple Blob Potion (25np)
11: Jhudora T-Shirt (5np)
14: Gnome Shroom (50np)
17: Caustic Potion (120np)
20: Dark Faerie Magic (2,300np) & AVATAR


How to Get: Complete level 20 in Jhudoras Cloud quests.

If you continue on with the quests after getting the avatar, here are the prizes after level 20!

23: Malice Potion (1,400np)
26: Purple Spotted Shroom (94,000np)
29: Wind Up Rat (47,000np)
32: Toxic Shroom (trading for 2.5 million)
35: Dark Shroom (trading for 20 million)
38: Jhudora's Potion (trading for 10 million)
41: Bartamus (???)
44: Dark Faerie Collar (trading 13 million)
47: Portable Cloud (trading 13 million)
50: Wand of the Dark Faerie (???)

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what items is she asking after 20 level?

7:52 PM

I don't know. I stopped doing the quests because:

1. I only wanted the avatar which she will give you when you completed level 20.

2. If she asked for an unbuyable, I have to start again.

I really should continue. But right now, I want to spend the NP on training my pet.

8:19 PM

AKG K324p Earphone

11:18 AM

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