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Shenkuu Warrior

In Shenkuu, a warrior’s training isn’t complete without being able to race to the top of the mountain. While this steep climb may provide a scenic view, it’s also great exercise for The Emperor’s littlest princess, who has hopes of becoming the greatest warrior ever. Rather than just hiking up the mountain’s trails, she is instead required to climb her way to the top with nothing but the aid of a shiny grappling hook. Failing to make it all the way up would mean forfeiting her right to be a warrior (along with possibly getting hurt – but, after all, one must have their priorities in order).


So far I can go as far as the 3rd sky. I have seen a 4th sky but I forgot to take a screen shot. Plus don't click and click. Because if you don't wait and click too fast, your highest score will be back to 0. That's because this game can go on and on and on until you hit "End Game". So if you have fallen down, don't click. Wait and see your score.

To move up, click on the brick thingy. Once you move up and see another brick on top, quickly click on it again. Click where the red arrow is:

1st world:
You begin with this world.

2nd world:

3rd world:

Will update with more screenshot when I continue to play this game. Or maybe you can send me those screenie. Thanks.

Tip: Best to switch off the sound because the sound can get really irritatiing. LOL.

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