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Meet the Robinsons

3rd Robinsons Sponsored Game. (hopefull it's the last. LOL)

Test your knowledge of Meet the Robinsons with this quiz game!Answer ten multiple choice questions. You will be presented with four possible answers. Choose the correct answer to earn Neopoints.

Maximum 300NP per game. That's 900NP per day.

These are the Questions and Answers I have got right now. Will update if there are more later.

1. Which of the following movie studios produced the animation, Meet the Robinsons? - Walt Disney Pictures

2. What is the name of the Mysterious boy from the future in Walt Disney's Meet the Robinsons? - Wilbur

3. What is the Theme of Disney's Meet the Robinsons? - Keep Moving Forward

4. Name the Villian in Disney's Animation Meet the Robinsons. - Bowler Hat Guy

5. What was the name of the latest invention that was stolen from Lewis in Meet the Robinsons? - Memory Scanner

6. He is the family's pet dog and he wears glasses. - Buster

7. Meet the Robinsons is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Whic of the following animated films is also from the same production studio. - Chicken Little

8. Who is constantly browbeaten by his wife? - Uncle Fritz

9. She is hand puppet with a fierce nature. - Aunt Petunia

10. In Meet the Robinsons, what is Lewis' passion? - Invention

11. What is the name of Bowler Hat Guy's fashionable head wear and evil partner-in-crime. - Doris

12. Who is the voice behind the Bowler Hat Guy in Meet the Robinsons? - Stephen J Anderson

13. Who is the original score composer for Disney's Meet the Robinsons? - Danny Elfman

14. What is the name of the purple, tentacled family butler? - Lefty

15. Guess this character from Disney's latest animation Meet the Robinsons. "A heroic-looking intergalactic pizza deliveryman who takes his work seriously." - Uncle Art

16. What is the name of the dinosaur in Meet the Robinsons? - Tiny

17. Who is the director of Meet the Robinsons? - Stephen J Anderson

18. In Meet the Robinsons, the main mode of transportation in the future takes in the form of a - Bubble

19. What is Lewis' favorite subject in school? - Science

20. Guess this character from Disney's latest animation Meet the Robinsons. " Orchestra leader of Franny Robinsons' all-frog swing band. - Frankie the Frog

21. She is dangerously form of her caffeine patch invention. - Dr Krunklehorn

22. Who helps Lewis fight mind-controlled frog? - Wilbur

23. Disney's Meet the Robinsons is adapted from this book by William Joyce, what is the name of the book? - A day with Wilbur Robinsons

24. He is a boy from the future with his own time machine. - Wilbur

25. What is the name of the family that Lewis meets in the future? - Robinsons

26. What is the name of Wilbur's mother? - Franny

27. He likes to shoot himself from cannons to race trains. - Uncle Gaston

28. Name the young hero in Meet the Robinsons. - Lewis

29. Her dark aura and fire ants worry the science fair judges. - Lizzy

20. When does Meet the Robinsons opens in Singapore cinema? - 5 April 2007

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