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My new addiction - Itchy Invasion Game. At first I thought I am really not good at this game. That motor skill gets the blame again. But, while trying to beat Abigail in order to get the prize, I started to practice a few times and now I am addicted. Then issue 21 of the Official Neopet Magazine arrived and they have a guide on this game. Yipee!!! So let me share this guide with you.

Eamann's petpet is attacked by tiny invaders - the pesky petpetpets. With the help of a shrinking suit developed by a Space Station scientist, Eamann loaded his Slime Gun with Pest-B-Gone ammunition, shrunk himself, and gone off to find the Petpetpets where they live - in his Petpets' fur!

Your objective is to earn points and advance through all six levels. This is achieved by blasting enough Petpetpets with Pest-B-Gone to meet each level's requirement for vanquished critters without:
(a) running out of Pest-B-Gone or
(b) maxing out the Itch-O-Meter at the bottom of the screen.

Different Levels
Level 1: Noil - catch 25 petpetpets

During this round, you will encounter 3 kinds of pests:

Blechy - 2 pts

Itchies - 4 pts

Zytches - 6 pts

Level 2: Warf - catch 28 petpetpets

Level 3: Babaa - catch 30 petpetpets

As you advance through level 2 and into level 3, a 4th Petpetpet species started to appear.

Bumbluz - 8pts

The arrival of the Bumblue suggests an interesting tidbit of strategy: Since each level has cap on the number Petpetpets that you can blast, it's best to try to shoot the most valuable critter onscreen and then work your way down toward those 2-point Blechys.

Level 4: Puppyblew - catch 35 petpetpets

Level 5: Meowclops - catch 38 petpetpets

In level 5, you will find a 5th and most valuable petpetpet, Mozito.

Mozito - 10pts

Tips for this level to take your to the final level.
1. If your aim is good, shoot at a cluster of petpetpets from far enough away, you can sometimes take out more than one of them with a single shot. This is risky, because shooting from far away can sometimes lead to stray shots that wind up costing you even more ammo.

2. Once per game, when you are desperate for more ammo, you can type in the word "pest" and receive a full refill of Pest-B-Gone. Remember, this can only be done once per game, so use it wisely.

Level 6: Faellie - Catch 40 petpetpets

Other Tips:
Start zapping petpetpets on the edges of the screen first and work your way toward the middle.
This helps to keep movement to a minimum, rather than racing back and forth all over the screen.

Try not to let the petpetpet hits you because this will cause your Itch-O-Meter to go up and it will take away 5 points from your bonus at the end of the round for each petpetpet that you ran into. If these pesky pests hit you 15 times in a single-level, the Itch-O-Meter willbe totally full and game over for you.

Green Robotic Petpetpet

Your gun has 10 Pest-B-Gone shots. If you need refill, hit on the green robotic petpetpet. When you see a red "Running Low on Ammo" warning at the top of the screen, you have about 3 shots left and you must try to hit on one of this Green Robotic Petpetpet.

Pink Robotic Petpetpet

Hitting this is crucual to your chances of moving from level to level, since hitting one eliminates all of the petpetpets that are onscreen when it's shot.


To get Gold, you must score: 1500-1800pts
To get Silver, you must score: 1418-1433
To get Bronze, you must score: 1408-1416
The score above is based on March 13 high score chart.

So are you ready? Let's help Eamann beats those petpetpets.

Source: Neopet Official Magazine - Issue 21 (page 54-57)

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