DoN: Series 1 - Mission 7 - Tekkitu The Witch - Part 2  

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Tekkitu The Witch


Difficulty Rating: 120
starting Hit Points: 150
Location Hint Mystery Island is a great place to tour, you know.
Suggested Minimum Strength: 55
Tip: This battle is exactly like the battle with Commander Garoo.
Advise from Neopet Magazine:
Leveling to 50 is highly recommended so that you can use berserk attack and deal more damage when he's frozen.
The only difference TNT suggest is using the more expensive Water Muffins because Tekkitu can blocks quite a few of the Fire Muffins.
TNT recommended that you level up to 30 so you can give your neopet 8 bottled dark faeries to gain the 'sink' ability.

Water Muffin - 8,000np

Bottled Dark Faerie - 6,000np

How I fight him:

Although it's stated that his HP is 120, but he starts with 150hp. I have 110hp. I sure hope I can beat him. (I am typing this as I fight him. LOL)

1. I throw 1 Water Muffin at him and used my Scroll of Freezing together with the Berserk ability.

I took out 16 of his hp but he's frozen. But he took 53hp from me.

2. While he is frozen, I throw 2 more Water Muffins at him and the Berserk ability.

This took 68hp from him.

3. I throw another water muffin and used my Greater Healing Scroll.

4. I only have the Scarab Ring and Downsize!. And with Berserk, this didn't finished him off. So I continue to use the Ring and alternate to use the abilities Berserk and Regeneration.

5. Finally, after approximately 4 rounds I defeated him.

And so, TNT's advise of leveling your pet to Level 50 to get the Berserk ability is a good idea. As for the Regeneration ability, you can get this by blessing your pet with 8 Bottles of Earth Faeries. Remember you pet must be at least Level 23.

I forgot to use the Sink ability as recommended by TNT.

Remember to click "Back to the Headquarter" to claim your trophy.

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