Shenkuu Lunar Festival  

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On 16th February, 2007, it's the Shenkuu Lunar Festival. (I went for a short holiday on that day. That explain the delay in this little bit of news).

I think this was released to coincide with the Lunar New Year. That's when Chinese all over the world celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on 18th February, 2007.

Neopet released some images that are related to the Chinese New Year Celebration. Take a look at this:

Even the caption was related to how the Chinese celebrate the new year with the lighting of the fire cracker.

And finally, as 2007 is the Year of the Pig for the Lunar Calendar, these toys that Neopet released proved that Shenkuu is indeed an Asian World in Neopet. LOL.

Look at these adorable pig toys:

A New Game Revel Roundup was released also. See the next post for the game.

And finally, the Lunar Temple was released too on this day. I will talk about this in another post as there are more details to be shared.

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