Game: The Last Mimzy Pair Compare - 3000np  

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The Last Mimzy Pair Compare

Two similar images are displayed. Inspect them to find the differences. Click the spot on either image where you think they are different. You will gain time if you are correct. Be careful, though; you'll lose time if you're wrong! If you don't mark all the differences within the time limit, your game will end. If you get stuck, click on the “Hint” button at the bottom of the screen to find one of the differences. You only get three hints per game, and you will not receive any points or extra time when you use a hint.

I managed to capture some of the differences. I have found 14 different pictures and each picture has 2 versions of differences.

This is what I have solved so far. Will update as I find more.


Haven't found the 2nd version yet:

2 Versions:

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