The Forgotten Jhudora Day  

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Feb 4 is Jhudora Day and the seasonal Evil Jhudora avatar should be available when you completed one of her quest. But because Feb 4 falls on the weekend and TNT is most probably still on the weekend break, somebody forgot to 'switch' it on. LOL. So even when you did the quest, you don't get the avatar.

This is the avatar you are suppose to get.

Hopefully, avatar will be given out today Feb 5.

How to get the Avatar:

Perform a quest at Jhudora's Cloud.

However, a few things is in order already. Preparation for the Jhudora?

Take a look at Neopet Front Page. The texts are in Purple.

And if you visit Illusen Glade and wanted to do one of her quest? It gives you this message and redirect you to the Faerieland. (That's the work of the evil Jhudora) LOL.

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